It’s such an exciting time renovating your home but often you can come unstuck with mistakes that can easily be avoided. So to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together the top five renovating mistakes we see too often and our tips on how to avoid them!


There is nothing worse than running out of budget half way through your renovation. Our quick tip to avoid this mistake is to prepare your budget before you start the work, plus put a little extra aside for unexpected costs that are sure to pop up along the way.


It’s easy to call in an interior stylist to transform your home, however if you don’t have a clear understanding of the look you want to achieve you could end up with decor that doesn’t quite suit your lifestyle. Try putting together a mood board or Pinterest page of some looks you like and then you can either pull the interiors together yourself or hire an interior stylist to give you a helping hand. Check out our eCourses to help you with decorating your home, as we have a selection of eCourses that will save you money in the long run.


We often see that people don’t invest enough into the key rooms of their home. These include the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. These spaces are important, especially when you’re considering the resale value. Make sure you put aside enough budget to renovate each space in a modern and functional way. Remember renovating doesn’t have to be complicated, simply choose a few features that are outdated and replace them with something more modern. Simple ways to renovate a kitchen or bathroom are through replacing the tiles, fixtures or paint colour.


Renovating can be stressful enough without trying to live on the property while all the work is going on around you. If you’re looking to do a big renovation then we suggest moving out, as it can be dangerous and messy living on site. Plus your stress levels will thank you for living off site if you can afford it. Dealing with the renovations day in day out can be really stressful and tiring, not to mention the dust!!!!!


Take time when choosing contractors to help with the renovation. Make sure you do your research and if possible try to get a referral. Our tip is to ask to see their portfolio or to see if you can speak to one of their previous clients. If you can build a good team from the start this will save you time and money on your renovation.

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