Do you have a small balcony that you’re struggling to style? Well you’re going to love all the tips and tricks The Balcony Garden shared with us about making your balcony feel larger, how to layer various pots and what to think about before shopping for plants for your space. Dive in and get started transforming your balcony with the helpful hints below.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind The Balcony Garden?  

The company itself evolved organically, Josh (The owner) is a landscape designer who found it difficult to source stylish and contemporary garden pots. With this motivation The Balcony Garden was formed and is now one of Sydney’s largest distributors of garden pots and planters. We have a range of lightweight garden pots in neutral colours specifically suited to classic and contemporary landscape design. While our range has grown to include both exterior and interior pots, our passion for producing handmade pots of the highest quality is still the same. 

What are some tips you have for creating a cosy balcony this winter? 

  1. Decorate the space with greenery; having fresh plants is a simple and effective way to create that lovely connection between your home and nature
  2. Layering in colour and texture with your plant selection adds depth to your overall look
  3. Soft and in direct lighting is perfect for a cosy touch
  4. Outdoor furniture - when choosing outdoor furniture, keep all seasons in mind. Add comfortable upholstered cushions and scatter in warm inviting colours to soften the space

When working with a smaller balcony area, which pots and plants would you recommend?

The Humphrey range, ‘The squeeze’ and ‘Slim Pickins’ are popular designs from this range and are on the smaller scale so ideal for a small balcony space.

When selecting plants keep in mind the different seasons. Balcony conditions are typically windier, hotter and drier than plants would normally experience in a ground level garden. You will need to take into account your apartment’s aspect, sunlight levels and volumes of wind. A safe bet is to grow hardy varieties like Yuccas, Agaves, Crassulas, Succulents and Herbs.

We love how you layer multiple pots together, is there a trick to mastering this look? 

The golden rule when styling pots is ‘less is more’. For lots of people this can be tricky, as it’s easy to get carried away. We always suggest grouping pots in clusters of three generally in similar shapes but various sizes.

Plant selection is also a must to consider when playing around with groupings of pots, as you will need to consider the height and fullness of a plant, as you want to be able to create a balanced look and feel. 

What are your essentials for creating the perfect balcony space?  

  1. Keep it simple to prevent cluttering
  2. With small balconies, it is absolutely essential that you maximise the space. Play with the space, using mirrors is a great way to create the illusion that you do indeed have more space than you do!


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