Can we ask you something? If you had to define your interiors style in a few words would you be able to?

It’s a simple question but it can also be one of the hardest. After working with thousands of students around the globe, we’ve met lots of people who have no clue what their interiors style is and it’s the one thing that is holding them back from creating a cohesive look in their home.

We share the three things that could be holding you back from defining your style. See which one best resembles you:

1. The Collector 

You’ve travelled the world, been gifted an array of decorative pieces from family members and your partner has a collection of items which you have no idea where to put but they insist on keeping them.

The hardest thing about holding onto sentimental pieces is that usually they come in a range of different styles and take up so much space it’s hard for you to even see what your style may be.

2. The Trendsetter 

You love flicking through the pages of your favourite magazines to discover the latest trends, then you get stuck in the aisles of homewares stores stocking up on the latest and greatest but when you get home it doesn’t seem to all tie in together.

With multiple Pinterest boards and screenshots in your phone of the looks you love, you still find it challenging to introduce them into your home in the right way. This could be that you like a few different styles and you just need to find a way to have them work together.

3. The Busy Bee 

You absolutely love interiors but between working 9 to 5 and looking after the kids there is just not enough time in the day to sit still and work out exactly what you like and how to style it in your home. Then there are the kids’ toys which seem to make their way into every corner of the house and because they are still young you don’t want to commit to any investment pieces just yet.

Which one are you? We’d love to know, so jump onto our Instagram and comment which one you are in our latest post!

We’d also be so excited to meet any Sydneysiders at our Define Your Style Workshop on 16th November. The fun-filled 2 hour workshop will give you the chance to discover your style through a creative mood board activity, work with Emma & Sonya to look at ways you can introduce your favourite looks into your home and connect with a group of amazing like-minded people to chat about all things decorating.