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Our signature eCourse PLAN DECORATE LIVE is a 6-week program that is delivered entirely online. We’re going to teach you everything you need to know to design and decorate your home – including how to analyse your space, how to use colour, how to buy and position furniture, how to use pattern, texture and soft furnishings, and so much more. The lessons include videos, worksheets, PDFs, checklists, buying guides, masterclasses from our guest experts, as well as a heap of other goodies. PLUS there’s loads of guidance and interaction with us. We’ll be hanging out with you in our exclusive Facebook community and pinning up a storm in our private Pinterest group. (As well as being a whole lot of fun, this community aspect is guaranteed to start conversations, spark connections, and skyrocket your design and decorating skills.)

The complete Plan Decorate Live eCourse (including all modules and bonuses) PLUS access to our exclusive Facebook community and private Pinterest boards is yours for only $397 (AUD)

Here’s what we’ll be covering

Inspiration + Principles

We’ll kick-start our journey by peeling back the layers of your style and honing in on your unique vision. Then, in order to get crystal clear on what you want to create, we’ll take a walk through the inspiration-gathering and brainstorming process. You’ll also get your first taste of the underlying principles of great design. We’ll be delving into:

  • Where to find inspiration for your spaces (and our favourite go-to resources)
  • Decorating 101: The key essentials that will make-or-break your room (and the most common mistakes we see in people’s homes)
  • Defining your style and articulating what it is you like and don’t like
  • Key features of the most popular styles we’re asked about by our clients

Mood Boards Made Easy

Now that you’ve identified your style, it’s time to start fleshing it out visually. Which means: mood board time! Lots of people lose their way at this stage, collecting way too many images and losing sight of how the look will translate to their own home. It can result in a lot of overwhelm and confusion… But not for you! This week, we’ll be jumping headfirst into:

  • The art of the mood board and conveying your design visually
  • How to make mood boards that move your design concept forwards (and that don’t take forever)
  • Online vs. Offline Mood Boards (and why you need to move beyond Google Images!)
  • The fool-proof tools you need in your decorating kit and how to use them

Floor Plans + Using Space

The layout of a room determines the form and function of a space – and the tiniest of shifts can make a room flow beautifully (or fail spectacularly!). We’ll be looking at the best ways to optimise your living space, digging deep into:

  • How to create a floor plan layout for your room.
  • Understanding the different elements that enhance the ‘feel’ of your room (including the flow, the focal point, and the energy of a space)
  • How to ensure the function of your room is reflected in the layout (so that your rooms really work for you as well as looking good)
  • Common layouts for different rooms (including great options to optimise small spaces + open plan areas)

Room Analysis + Colour

It’s time to get real and raw with your own rooms as we walk you through how to analyse your home. Then… Colour! Colour can make your space look larger, brighter, moodier – whatever you like. From feature walls to accent pops, from neutrals to neons, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be diving into:

  • Getting up close and personal with your rooms: what’s working, what’s not, and how to tell the difference
  • DIY project management and creating a decorating to-do list that covers all your bases
  • Using colour (even if it scares you!) to optimise your space and really make your room resonate
  • Pro secrets to incorporating pattern and texture (getting this right really finishes off a room and creates interest and intrigue)

Buying + Design Decisions

When it comes to locking in decisions and whipping out your wallet, it’s easy to start second guessing yourself, playing it safe, or diluting your overall vision. After this module, you’ll feel confident enough to take action without being flooded with self-doubt (or needing to ask a bunch of people for their opinions). With these tools and strategies, you’ll notice definitive changes in your mindset and your entire approach to the design process. We’ll be covering:

  • Planning ahead: why a little bit of prep work can save you a lot of hassle (and the must-know factors you need to consider before purchasing)
  • Navigating the buying process – where to start, what to prioritise, how to play up your budget, pro buying tricks, PLUS our go-to suppliers
  • Buying big-ticket items – understanding your investment, future-proofing your home, doing your research, and when to bite the bullet
  • Buying and styling soft furnishings to get the most bang for your buck
  • The finishing touches to add life and lustre to your rooms (and our favourite styling tips from working with magazines and celebrities)

Taking Things Next Level

It’s time to bring everything together! In our final week, we’ll be giving you the resources you’ll need to get your decorating project well and truly underway! We’ll also help you figure out the decorator vs designer debate. Get ready for:

  • Our favourite resources, apps, software, tools and tricks
  • When to call in professional help and how to get the most out of working with an interior designer
  • Communicating your vision to a pro designer (PLUS: how to nail the design brief so you get exactly what you want)

Plus, there’s a heap of bonus goodies…


On über-useful topics like How to buy artwork, Choosing your rug, and Bed Styling 101


We’re bringing you the expertise of some of our FAVOURITE doyennes of design, including Juliet Love and Taubmans.


You’ll get exclusive pics and layouts from gorgeous projects we’ve worked on, so that you can pick and choose elements that will work in your own home.


Get group feedback, see how others are implementing the lessons, show off your progress, and connect with likeminded design enthusiasts.


Plus exclusive members-only discounts on selected interior design services and homewares

This course is a journey in self-discovery to identify your true style, your deepest values, and the life you want to be living… Then channelling all those elements into your home.

The result?

Form meets function. Style meets substance. Authenticity meets amazing design.

This is for you if…

You’re a homeowner or renter who wants to make the most of their living space.

You know what you like when you see it… But you don’t know how seek out individual pieces to create that look.

You struggle to bring everything together – you might have a vase that you love, and a throw rug that’s gorgeous, but you get stumped on how to make them work together cohesively.

You’re an avid watcher of home renovation shows and want to try your own hand at interior design without engaging a professional.

You’re a total home + design Instagram addict – pretty spaces and gorgeous places make you swoon, and you’d love to know exactly how to create them for yourself.

You have no idea what your own personal style is, and want to know how to identify and express it.

You want to learn how to make the most of your budget (where to save, where to splurge, and how to get things right the first time).

You want to hire a pro designer, but want to make sure you’ve nailed your style first and that you’ve got the right language to communicate your vision.

You feel a sense of connection to your environment. You want your home to feel like an extension of you – somewhere where you and your family can truly be yourselves and live your best life.

This is NOT for you if…

You like cookie-cutter formulas and one-size-fits-all styling. (We firmly believe in finding your own voice, and amplifying it to the max. Loud and proud, baby.)

You’re looking for a course on how to become a stylist. (We’re strictly focused on creating your own dream home.)

You’ve ever been on ‘The Block’. (Just kidding – we’d love to have you aboard! We’ll even show you how to create gorgeous looks on a real-person’s budget. 😉

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’re in for…

Six modules of content, covering all the design essentials you need to decorate your home

Workbooks, videos, checklists, case studies and more for each lesson

Bonus modules to help you nail specific elements of your decorating and styling

Additional content and masterclasses from guest experts and celebrity stylists

Exclusive access to our private Facebook and Pinterest communities

Interactive tasks and group feedback

Discounts on The Decorating School courses, and selected designer homewares and services

  jules-circlequotesEmma was an absolute pleasure to work with. She came into our home with confidence in how to give it the finishing touches it needed for the interiors. She transformed what we had into, what looked like a showroom. It suited our home and our family and she really understood what we needed. Not only is she a super talented interior stylist, she is a delight to be around! Jules Sebastian


quotesloni-circleThe Decorating School breaks down decorating and design in an easy to understand way, making it ideal for the beginner decorator or someone who simply wants to understand the process of decorating their own home better. Having known Emma Blomfield for some time, I know her supportive, encouraging nature will make her a great mentor throughout this course. LONI PARKER


quotesmichelle-cicleThis course is a great way for any novice who loves styling and decorating their own home but don’t have the skills. A great tool for anyone to use in their home. I would highly recommend it. What a great achievement Emma from Nest Designs. MICHELLE BALL


quotesemma-circleI felt such excitement about The Decorating School because Emma & Sonya’s approach to interiors is achievable, personal, and no-fuss. She lifts the veil of mystery that many interior designers like to shroud their work in. Emma & Sonya will instil a sense of Can Do into your decorating efforts; you’ll love how you feel in your home after doing this course. EMMA VEIGA-MALTA


quotesmaree-circleI have worked with Emma Blomfield to run decorating workshops in regional NSW for the past few years, her approach to teaching workshop attendees to decorate is extremely supportive and brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to each workshop. Our attendees are so inspired with what they learn and keep coming back for more. I have no doubt that the decorating course Emma and Sonya have spent a long time preparing will invigorate and spark the decorating bug with the TDS students. MAREE OATEN


quotesJessica-Larsen-circleWhere was this course when I was decorating my home?! Emma and Sonya have created a comprehensive guide to help you make your home off-the-charts gorgeous, no matter what your style or budget. Their expertise, passion, and unique approach to design makes this course a complete one-stop-shop for fabulous interiors. JESSICA LARSEN


Your investment

You get complete access to our Plan Decorate Live eCourse, online community, and all bonus content for only $397 (AUD)

The Decorating School’s happiness guarantee

We are so proud of this course and the amazing value you’ll find within (and we want you to feel PUMPED about joining!). That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, by the end of week two, you’ve realised that our course isn’t for you, simply shoot us an email and we’ll refund your money straight away. All we ask is that you send through your completed task sheets and homework for those first two weeks, so that we know you gave the content a go. We truly believe in the power of this course to help you makeover your space and enhance your life. These principles have helped both of us - not to mention hundreds of our clients - to create beautiful, aligned homes that feel really (really) good to live in… And we’re confident they’ll do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the next 6 weeks, I’ve got a wedding / holiday / (insert other big event here) planned. Can I still enrol? What if I fall behind?
You can absolutely still enrol! The nature of this course means you can’t fall behind. If you’ve got big things happening in your life, you can simply go through the materials at your own pace whenever you’re ready (they’re yours to download and keep, so you can go through them whenever you like, and as many times as you like). Of course, there are some interactive elements to the course that will be taking place in ‘real time’ in our private community groups (on Facebook and Pinterest), but you can always catch up and contribute to the conversations at a later date, and you definitely won’t miss any key content.
Is this an accredited course to get me into the interior design industry?
No, this course is not affiliated with any tertiary educational facility, it’s purely for your enjoyment not full time study. If you are looking to get into the interiors industry this is a fantastic bite-sized course that will help you decide if it’s something you might like to pursue.
As much as I'd love to go bananas on homewares, I'm on a budget. Is this course right for me?
Absolutely! At it’s heart, design is problem solving, and if you’re on a budget, it’s just one other factor to consider as you figure out your solution. With every part of design that we touch on – from lighting to lounges, from paintings to pouffes – we’ll be highlighting how you can make the most of a tight budget (or how to show off a luxe one!). Even better, we’ll be revealing all the pro secrets about where to spend your money and where to save, so that even if you’re having to watch your pennies, it won’t be reflected in your home.
I don't know what my style is. Can I still enrol?
Definitely. In fact, a strong driving force behind this course is teaching you how to identify your own style, then developing it and translating it into your own home. And heads up: even if you think you have no idea what your style is, most people have a much more developed sense of their own taste than they realise. You’ve just got to know how to tune in to it and how to express it (which is exactly what we’re here to teach you).
I have a very clear idea on what my style is – will I still get a lot out of your course?
Yes. We’ll be showing you the underlying principles of amazing design that can be translated into any style, any home, and any space. Things like how big your furniture should be, where to position it, what layouts work in which rooms, where to hang your artwork, what size rug to use, and how to incorporate texture… It’s all about arming you with the tools and knowledge you need to bring your style to life (regardless of whether you prefer Minimalist or Moroccan!).
I'm not a homeowner, I'm renting. Can I still enrol?
Of course! Almost all of the principles in this course will apply to rental and short-term living situations as much as to those who own their homes. And trust us: you can do a heck of a lot to your living space without doing anything to upset your landlord!
Are you going to ask me to do a complete makeover of my home and share it with everyone in the Facebook group?
Not at all. We fully understand that a complete reno-redecoration isn’t on everybody’s to-do list. So we’ll be teaching you how to make the most of what you’ve got, as well as the small changes and tweaks that will result in big shifts in the way your home feels and functions. (Seriously – who knew moving a couch and buying a lamp could make such a big difference?!)
I'm pretty busy – how much time will I need to devote to this course?
No worries at all, we understand busyness! Devoting 3-4 hours per week to the modules – going through the content, doing your homework tasks, and interacting in the private Facebook and Pinterest groups – should give you an excellent platform from which to soar. (And remember: it doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with that pace. The materials are yours to download and keep forever, and you can go through them at whatever speed feels most comfortable for you.)
I'm thinking of hiring a professional designer. Should I still enrol in your course?
Yes! This course is ideal for people who want to make the most out of their experience with a pro designer. We’ll teach you the language and principles that will allow you to develop your own style, communicate it with ease, and confidently engage a professional should you wish to do so.
I'm not very computer savvy. Will I be able to access all the materials?
Yes. Basically, if you can turn a computer on and check your email, you’ll be fine! 🙂 All course content is compatible with both Macs, PCs, tablets and mobiles.

Master the basics of decorating in only a few hours a week.

We are sure you will be able to step into a homewares store and confidently make a purchase for your home without second guessing your abilities.

Ready to inject some life into your home?

We have the industry experience and know-how to guide you in the right direction and help create the home of your dreams. We all get caught up in the final result and forget to enjoy the journey of decorating so we can’t wait to join you on your decorating journey!

Emma & Sonya xx