The Business of Styling

Workshops + Masterminds

The Business of Styling Workshops + Masterminds

The Business of Styling (BoS) is a new and exciting adventure for us as we open up The Decorating School to stylists, decorators and other creatives in the interiors industry and show you how to kickstart your business AND be profitable. 

We are kicking off BoS with unique and tailored workshops across the East Coast of Australia sharing our vision, knowledge and passion for building successful businesses. Having set up 4 businesses between us, we know a thing or two about where to start, how to price your services and where to find clients. Many online schools and institutions promise to cover these topics in their courses but fall short when it comes to offering practical knowledge that can be implemented in your business from day one. That’s where we step in offering real experience and advice about working out a profitable fee structure, how to market yourself successfully on a tiny budget and the best way to go about growing your styling business to the next level.

We are firm believers in systems, processes and routines for our businesses. They don’t have to be boring or uninspiring, we’ve worked out a formula to successfully run a creative business AND make money from our passions.

Who is BoS for?

Has anyone ever told you, you can’t make money from doing what you love? Or that following your passion and hoping to monetise it is a waste of time? We’ve designed BoS to show you that it IS possible. BoS is specifically crafted for:

  • Stylists
  • Decorators
  • Designers
  • Anyone looking to start a business in the creative industry

Does this sound like you?

  • You can style a vignette with your eyes shut
  • You’re a walking encyclopedia of decorating knowledge
  • You hoard every decorating magazine you ever set eyes on
  • You’ve helped every friend you have with colour and decorating advice for free
  • You thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with new clients and crafting a beautiful home for them


  • Tax time fills you with dread
  • You don’t know if you’re legally protected with your client documentation
  • You feel like the business is guiding you rather than you guiding the business
  • You wish you understood what your lawyer/accountant/graphics designer meant when they speak to you in their industry jargon

Maybe you’ve been at it this for a while but your focus has been on the creative side of the business with less focus on the specifics of running the business smoothly behind the scenes. Or you’ve taken a tonne of courses and online workshops about running a business but don’t understand the technical jargon because no one has been able to explain it to you in a way you understand. That’s all about to change.

 Launching October/November 2017. Register your interest in the box below.

What we’ll be covering on the day:


Business Purpose + Vision

Why Are You In Business? Working out your why.


The Importance of Branding

What your graphics design says about your business.



The boring (but VITAL) bits of business
Documentation + Software You Need To Survive


Marketing + Selling To Clients

How to sell your services without feeling icky
Packaging Up Your Creative Business + Converting Leads into Clients + Social Media


Service Packaging + Working With Clients

Revenue Streams + Setting standards with clients


Business Strategy

Getting your shit together
Web Design + Keeping Clients Engaged (newsletters + opt-ins + freebies)

The Business of Styling (BoS) Workshops

Coming to Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. The BoS Workshops are a specialised hands on experience we’ve created with a goal to equip stylists/decorators/designers with the tools needed to grow and evolve their businesses.

Owning your own business in the design industry is no mean feat, it takes guts and determination. Sometimes running a business solo can have you questioning why you’re in business, wondering who you can turn to when things aren’t running smoothly and waking at 4am thinking of strategy plans and re-playing your to do list over and over.

We are no strangers to the ups and downs of running a business so we’ve created these workshops with the mission to get you feeling inspired, on track and most of all educated in any area of business you might be struggling with.

We run our creative businesses because we are passionate about making things beautiful, crafting gorgeous homes for our clients to live in and styling up a storm on set to pull together an amazing catalogue. Yet there’s the all important business side of things that often gets put aside or ignored because it’s not our strong point.

That’s where BoS comes in.


We’re here to shake things up.


We’re here to give you the tools you need to succeed.


We’re here to provide you with a safe space to let your guard down and ask the questions you’ve been pondering at 2am.

Neither of us had anyone to turn to when things went belly up with projects or jobs we were working on solo and so often we’ve wished for a magic genie to pop up and provide us with a mentor or leader to point us in the right direction. Unfortunately no such genie ever appeared so instead we’d pull up our socks and get on with things the best way we could. These workshops are full of everything we wished we could just put our hands up and ask but had no one to ask.


  • Early Bird  $149 (valid for the first 48 hours after tickets are released)
  • Full Price $199

*Payment plans available on request, please email us for details.

Included in the ticket price:


Delicious snacks and drinks


Notepad + Pen


Goodie Bag to take home


Informative Professional Advice in a Gorgeous Venue