The Business of Styling


The Business of Styling Mentor Program


Mentoring stylists, decorators and designers to work out a system that suits you and the way you work to take it to the next level.

Our 15+ years styling and strategy experience brings an experienced approach to running a creative business successfully without squashing all of the creativity out to make way for structured and boring business formats.

We’re firm believers in systems, processes and routines for our businesses but they don’t have to be boring or uninspiring. We’ve successfully worked out a formula to run a creative business AND make money from our passion.

Who is this mentor program for?

Has anyone ever told you, you can’t make money from doing what you love? Or that following your passion and hoping to monetise it is a waste of time? We’ve designed this mastermind for you to show you that it is possible. This mastermind is specifically crafted for:

  • Stylists
  • Decorators
  • Designers
  • Homewares Retailers
  • Anyone looking to start a business in the decorating industry


Does this sound like you?

  • You can style a vignette with your eyes shut
  • You’re a walking encyclopedia of decorating knowledge
  • You hoard every decorating magazine you ever set eyes on
  • You thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with new clients and crafting a beautiful home for them



  • Tax time fills you with dread
  • You don’t know if you’re legally protected with your client documentation
  • You feel like the business is guiding you rather than you guiding the business
  • You wish you understood what your lawyer/accountant/graphics designer meant when they speak to you in their industry jargon


Maybe you’ve been at it this for a while but your focus has been on the creative side of the business with less focus on the specifics of running the business smoothly behind the scenes. Or you’ve taken a tonne of courses and online workshops about running a business but don’t understand the technical jargon because no one has been able to explain it to you in a way you understand. That’s all about to change.


 Mentor Program starts Thursday 22nd Feb 2018. Enrolment open NOW.

Enrolments Now Open

What we’ll be covering over 4 weeks:


Week One: Business Purpose + Vision

Why Are You In Business? Working out your why.


Week Two: The Importance of Branding

What your graphics design says about your business.


Week Three: Marketing + Selling To Clients

How to sell your services without feeling icky
Converting Leads into Clients + Social Media


Week Four: Business Strategy + Service Packaging

Getting your business structured properly + Pricing Packages

The Business of Styling (BoS)

is a specialised mentoring program we’ve created with a goal to equip stylists/decorators/designers with the tools needed to grow and evolve their businesses. It’s the program we wish we’d had access to when starting our decorating businesses!

Owning your own business in the design industry is no mean feat, it takes guts and determination. Sometimes running a business solo can have you questioning why you’re in business, wondering who you can turn to when things aren’t running smoothly and waking at 4am thinking of strategy plans and re-playing your to do list over and over.

We are no strangers to the ups and downs of running a business so we’ve created this program with the mission to get you feeling inspired, on track and most of all educated in any area of business you might be struggling with.

You run your creative businesses because you are passionate about making things beautiful, crafting gorgeous homes for your clients to live in and styling up a storm on set to pull together an amazing catalogue. Yet there’s the all important business side of things that often gets put aside or ignored because it’s not our strong point.

That’s where BoS comes in.


We’re here to shake things up.


We’re here to give you the tools you need to succeed.


We’re here to provide you with a safe space to let your guard down and ask the questions you’ve been pondering at 2am.

Four weeks of tailored content to suit YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

  • 1 hour group calls once a week to cover each week’s topic in depth with Emma & Sonya and a small group of other like minded creatives.
  • Access to call recordings, PDFs, worksheets and any video content.
  • A one-on-one call with Emma & Sonya at the end of the program to work out a personalised strategy plan for you and your business.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to share your experiences with other like minded business owners.


You could putter along on the same path you’ve trodden for years wishing you had the motivation to kick things into the next gear or you could join us for 4 weeks of kick ass content, fast paced motivation and solid advice to finally get you moving in the right direction.

Your investment in yourself and your business with our BoS mentor program is $1,099.

Payment plans available on request.


We are only opening up this mentor program to a maximum of 12 participants. There are no requirements to sign up to the program, you might be thinking of starting your business or you’re a few years in and need some guidance. The program will be tailored to our participants.