Which is your favourite room in the home and why?

​It’s hard to pick just one room because I spent so much time designing the spaces to perfectly suit my family. One of my favourite rooms is my upstairs office (where I’m sitting right now).  There is so much natural light and open space that I look forward to sitting ​down at the table and opening up my laptop. The sun also streams into the room and warms my feet on cold mornings.

Were there any hiccups along the way?

​There definitely were a few hiccups, as with any reno.  Erin kept saying to me “this is what happens in the world of renovating Lana”. ​ From memory I think the bobcat accidentally broke the same water pipe twice! I also arrived to site one day to find a brick pillar had been built for the carport as per the drawings, but it looked awful and was obstructing clear passage to the front door so we re-engineered the carport roof to enable us to knock that brick pier down less than 24hrs after it was built!  It was also a real effort to get the gorgeous Woodcut flooring laid because the sub-floor needed to be bone dry, yet we had a period of wet weather with tradies walking wet feet through the house. In the end I was personally wiping the bottom of their shoes with a towel and had to hire jet heaters to dry out the floor to keep the project on track.

What have you learnt from renovating your own home?

​Normal people can do extraordinary things.  I designed much of the this home myself using Pinterest, Instagram and previous homes we’d renovated as inspiration. Without that inspiration I would have been lost. I’ve also had no regrets in designing the home to specifically suit our way of life. From the urban mud room to the butler’s office, this house suits my family. It only has 3 bedrooms and we couldn’t be happier.  What would have been an unused fourth bedroom for that random house guest once a year has instead been reassigned to a space that is more important to my family - like another TV area or an open office upstairs.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

​Online is everything. It’s just so accessible.  I can be finding inspiration whilst standing in the coffee queue​ or outside the school gates.  I spent so much of my time on Pinterest and Instagram looking for images that I wanted to copy.  Once I knew I wanted that Santorini style, I could be more focused in my search online.  I also took lots of inspo from our previous Three Birds’ renos. The void and staircase we did at House 3 was the inspiration from my void.

What are your tips for someone who is about to begin their renovation journey?

​For people planning their own renovation I recommend they spend as much time as they can online finding images they love and want to copy.  Don’t try and reinvent the wheel - find an idea someone else has executed and make it work in your space.​  I’ve also learnt not to seek perfection - as the saying goes, “done is better than perfect” so my advice to people would be to stop procrastinating on your own home reno and just get it done - it may not be perfect but I’m guessing it will be much better than what you’ve got now. ​

What’s next for Three Birds’? 

​We already have two new projects underway.  The next one is completely different to my house … like I mean the exact opposite!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out and to share it with our audience. They’re so supportive and I love it most when I see people commenting and sharing our images with their friends and family as inspo for their own homes. That’s what it’s all about for us.​

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