Room by Room eCourse

Let’s go in depth to uncover the secrets of decorating each of the important rooms in your home and pull them together to create a happy and meaningful home.

Want in on all the fun…? Here’s how…

Our brand new eCourse is a 6-week program delivered entirely online. We’re diving in deep with this course and showing you the exact steps to take in order to create a meaningful, real and happy home for you and your family to enjoy. We’re going room by room with this course and detailing each of the important rooms in our house - like the living room, the dining room and our bedrooms. The weekly modules include videos, worksheets, PDFs, checklists, shopping list guides, as well as a heap of other goodies like bonus videos that we are going to surprise you with during the course. PLUS there’s loads of guidance and interaction with us. We’ll be hanging out with you in our exclusive Facebook community and pinning up a storm in our private Pinterest group. (As well as being a whole lot of fun, this community aspect is guaranteed to start conversations, spark connections, and skyrocket your design and decorating skills.)

The complete Room by Room eCourse (including all modules and bonuses) PLUS access to our exclusive Facebook community and private Pinterest boards is yours for only $397 (AUD)

 Kristy-WithersquotesI have been working in the interiors industry for 5.5 years now without any formal training. I loved the idea of The Decorating School as I could do it at my own pace. It was so simple and easy to use and the practical exercises were lots of fun.  KRISTY WITHERS


Here’s what we’ll be covering

Module 1: Steps To A Happy Home
We’re going to begin by running through the 10 steps, which when applied to every room, create a happy home. Decorating can be a frustrating process and by following a few key guidelines, we hope to make this a seamless one. A key element we cover this week is the importance of taking the time to plan everything in detail. Having a good plan in place makes the whole decorating process so much easier and helps you set clear, achievable goals. This of course goes hand in hand with budgeting and creatively managing expenditure, which make your goals easier to achieve. We’ll be delving into:


  • Assessing Your Space
  • Drawing Floor Plans (by hand or on the computer)
  • Listing Our Happy Decorating Goals
Module 2: Room By Room

This week we continue exploring the Lounge Room area and we’ll be looking at the best ways to finesse your space. Now that the basics are in place, we’ll be looking into how to add those small details to create a polished look you’ll love.

We’ll be looking at:

  • Drawing Your Rooms
  • Working With Existing Items
  • Purchasing Key Pieces
  • Creating Space & Storage
  • The Room By Room Process
  • Creating Visuals For What You Want To Achieve
Module 3: Lounge Rooms

This week we continue exploring the Lounge Room area and we’ll be looking at the best ways to finesse your space. Now that the basics are in place, we’ll be looking into how to add those small details to create a polished look you’ll love. We’ll be looking at the best ways to optimise your living space, digging deep into:


  • Classic vs Modern Designs For The Living Space
  • Styling Your Sofa With Cushions
  • How To Get Window Treatments Right
  • How To Hang Art Correctly
  • Easy Updates That Don’t Cost The Earth
  • Happy Lounge Room Goals
Module 4: Dining Rooms

This week we concentrate on Dining Rooms and reviewing your dining room essentials such as table, chairs, sideboard, rugs and lighting. Casual family living has changed the way we use the dining space and this is often the other space in which you will spend a lot of time, so it’s important to get the basics right. The formula to a beautifully decorated dining room is simple and we have an overview of the key items you should consider for your home. We’ll be diving into:


  • Dining Room Furniture Essentials
  • Dining Room Layout Examples
  • Choosing A Dining Table
  • Styling Your Dining Table
  • Bar Carts
  • Happy Dining Room Goals
Module 5: Bedrooms

This week we look at bedrooms and how to make these a beautiful space no matter what your budget. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your precious space to truly unwind and relax in. So often we pay the least amount of attention to our bedrooms because other rooms of the house cry out for the attention, like the living room, kitchen and even the kids rooms. But it’s about time we put ourselves first and paid some attention to our little slice of paradise and make it that gorgeous, intimate place we escape to of an evening either alone or with our significant other. We’ll be covering:


  • Bedroom Furniture Essentials
  • How To Choose A Bed Head
  • How To Choose A Mattress
  • How To Choose The Right Bed Linen
  • Placing A Rug In The Bedroom
  • Bedroom Storage Ideas
  • TVs In The Bedroom - Yay or Nay?
  • Happy Bedroom Decorating Goals
Module 6: Finishing Touches

This is the final week and it’s time to bring everything together! This week, we’ll be giving you all the extra hints and tips that will help you cruise through the design process and give your rooms and spaces that extra something special that truly makes all the difference. Having spent the last five weeks looking into specific rooms and spaces, by this week you will have a good grasp of the look you want to achieve as well as a detailed budget and purchasing plan in place. Get ready for:


  • Lighting Your Home Properly
  • Selecting Soft Furnishings
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Styling
  • A Finishes Glossary
  • How To Work With Trades
  • How To Project Manage a Renovation

Plus, there’s a heap of bonus goodies…


On interesting topics like how to decorating your guest bedroom like a boss and how to manage a renovation without loosing your mind.


You’ll get exclusive pics and layouts from gorgeous projects we’ve worked on, so that you can pick and choose elements that will work in your own home.


Get group feedback, see how others are implementing the lessons, show off your progress, and connect with likeminded design enthusiasts.


Plus exclusive members-only discounts on future courses and eBooks.

  quotesJen-WilsonThe Decorating School was incredibly beneficial across a number of decorating areas for me. Firstly, it helped give me a great understanding when it comes to the scale of a room and the furniture within and how things relate spatially to each other. Next up was the appreciation of colour and how best to mix and match and create mood and colour boards. Finally, and probably most crucially, it’s given me the confidence to make decorating decisions and stop the eternal procrastinating process JEN WILSON


  quotesElyse-DanielsHaving recently moved into my absolute dream home I had no idea where to start with furniture. I wanted to start fresh with the new house but was so overwhelmed by the whole decorating process. Working through the 6 weeks of content I slowly found that not only was I learning so much about how to decorate a house but I also found that I really enjoyed it too. Can’t recommend the course enough! ELYSE DANIELS


This is for you if…

You want to dive in deep and learn about decorating your home room by room.

You’re an avid reno show watcher and dream of renovating your own home one day.

You’re on a budget and don’t want the expense of a decorator but want to know the insider tricks.

You’re looking to get your foot in the door in the styling industry but aren’t ready to commit to full time study yet.

You’re a total home + design Instagram addict – pretty spaces and gorgeous places make you swoon, and you’d love to know exactly how to create them for yourself.

You’ve always taken pride in the appearance of your home but not quite sure you’re on the right track design wise.

You moved into your home a year or two ago and are still not happy with how it’s come together.

You spend your evenings and weekends pulling your house apart to try and make it work.

You know what you like when you see it… But you don’t know how seek out individual pieces to create that look.

You want to learn how to make the most of your budget (where to save, where to splurge, and how to get things right the first time).

You feel a sense of connection to your environment. You want your home to feel like an extension of you – somewhere where you and your family can truly be yourselves and live your best life.

This is NOT for you if…

You like cookie-cutter formulas and one-size-fits-all styling. (We firmly believe in finding your own voice, and amplifying it to the max. Loud and proud, baby.)

You’ve ever been on a home reno show. (Just kidding – we’d love to have you aboard! We’ll even show you how to create gorgeous looks on a real-person’s budget. 😉

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’re in for…

6 modules of content in downloadable PDF form.

Workbooks, videos, checklists, case studies and more for each lesson

Bonus modules on topics such as project managing renovations and styling a guest bedroom.

Exclusive access to our private Facebook and Pinterest communities

One-on-one interaction with Emma & Sonya each week in the Facebook group.

Discounts on The Decorating School courses and eBooks.

Your investment

You get complete access to our Plan Decorate Live eCourse, online community, and all bonus content for only $397!


  jules-circlequotesEmma was an absolute pleasure to work with. She came into our home with confidence in how to give it the finishing touches it needed for the interiors. She transformed what we had into, what looked like a showroom. It suited our home and our family and she really understood what we needed. Not only is she a super talented interior stylist, she is a delight to be around! JULES SEBASTIAN


quotesloni-circleThe Decorating School breaks down decorating and design in an easy to understand way, making it ideal for the beginner decorator or someone who simply wants to understand the process of decorating their own home better. Having known Emma Blomfield for some time, I know her supportive, encouraging nature will make her a great mentor throughout this course. LONI PARKER


quotesmichelle-cicleThis course is a great way for any novice who loves styling and decorating their own home but don’t have the skills. A great tool for anyone to use in their home. I would highly recommend it. What a great achievement Emma from Nest Designs. MICHELLE BALL


quotesemma-circleI felt such excitement about The Decorating School because Emma & Sonya’s approach to interiors is achievable, personal, and no-fuss. She lifts the veil of mystery that many interior designers like to shroud their work in. Emma & Sonya will instil a sense of Can Do into your decorating efforts; you’ll love how you feel in your home after doing this course. EMMA VEIGA-MALTA


quotesmaree-circleI have worked with Emma Blomfield to run decorating workshops in regional NSW for the past few years, her approach to teaching workshop attendees to decorate is extremely supportive and brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to each workshop. Our attendees are so inspired with what they learn and keep coming back for more. I have no doubt that the decorating course Emma and Sonya have spent a long time preparing will invigorate and spark the decorating bug with the TDS students. MAREE OATEN


quotesJessica-Larsen-circleWhere was this course when I was decorating my home?! Emma and Sonya have created a comprehensive guide to help you make your home off-the-charts gorgeous, no matter what your style or budget. Their expertise, passion, and unique approach to design makes this course a complete one-stop-shop for fabulous interiors. JESSICA LARSEN


Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't done your other eCourse (Plan-Decorate-Live), does that mean this course won't make sense to me?
No way Jose. We’ve built this course for anyone and everyone interested in learning the details behind decorating their home room by room (hence the name!). Our signature course Plan-Decorate-Live is all about planning before decorating, it’s for those who want to learn about floor plan layouts, creating a mood board, finding inspiration before decorating and then how to execute a design plan. This course is a much more in-depth look at the main rooms in our homes and how to decorate specifically for them. So in summary, no, you don’t need to have done Plan-Decorate-Live in order to do this course.
In the next 6 weeks, I’ve got a wedding / holiday / (insert other big event here) planned. Can I still enrol? What if I fall behind?
You can absolutely still enrol! The nature of this course means you can’t fall behind. If you’ve got big things happening in your life, you can simply go through the materials at your own pace whenever you’re ready (they’re yours to download and keep, so you can go through them whenever you like, and as many times as you like). Of course, there are some interactive elements to the course that will be taking place in ‘real time’ in our private community groups (on Facebook and Pinterest), but you can always catch up and contribute to the conversations at a later date, and you definitely won’t miss any key content.
As much as I'd love to go bananas on homewares, I'm on a budget. Is this course right for me?
Absolutely! At it’s heart, design is problem solving, and if you’re on a budget, it’s just one other factor to consider as you figure out your solution. With every part of design that we touch on – from lighting to lounges, from paintings to pouffes – we’ll be highlighting how you can make the most of a tight budget (or how to show off a luxe one!). Even better, we’ll be revealing all the pro secrets about where to spend your money and where to save, so that even if you’re having to watch your pennies, it won’t be reflected in your home.
I don't know what my style is. Can I still enrol?
Definitely. In fact, a strong driving force behind this course is teaching you how to identify your own style, then developing it and translating it into your own home. And heads up: even if you think you have no idea what your style is, most people have a much more developed sense of their own taste than they realise. You’ve just got to know how to tune in to it and how to express it (which is exactly what we’re here to teach you).
I have a very clear idea on what my style is – will I still get a lot out of your course?
Yes. We’ll be showing you the underlying principles of amazing design that can be translated into any style, any home, and any space. Things like how big your furniture should be, where to position it, what layouts work in which rooms, where to hang your artwork, what size rug to use, and how to incorporate texture… It’s all about arming you with the tools and knowledge you need to bring your style to life (regardless of whether you prefer Minimalist or Moroccan!).
I'm not a homeowner, I'm renting. Can I still enrol?
Of course! Almost all of the principles in this course will apply to rental and short-term living situations as much as to those who own their homes. And trust us: you can do a heck of a lot to your living space without doing anything to upset your landlord!
Are you going to ask me to do a complete makeover of my home and share it with everyone in the Facebook group?
Not at all. We fully understand that a complete reno-redecoration isn’t on everybody’s to-do list. So we’ll be teaching you how to make the most of what you’ve got, as well as the small changes and tweaks that will result in big shifts in the way your home feels and functions. (Seriously – who knew moving a couch and buying a lamp could make such a big difference?!)
I'm pretty busy – how much time will I need to devote to this course?
No worries at all, we understand busyness! Devoting 3-4 hours per week to the modules – going through the content, doing your homework tasks, and interacting in the private Facebook and Pinterest groups – should give you an excellent platform from which to soar. (And remember: it doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with that pace. The materials are yours to download and keep forever, and you can go through them at whatever speed feels most comfortable for you.)
I've got a family. Does your course include kid-friendly design suggestions?
Certainly does! Everything we teach you is underscored by this one fact: good design has to work in your home, for your family, with your lifestyle. So kids (as well as husbands, pets, and garden gnomes) are all part of the equation! 😉
I'm thinking of hiring a professional designer. Should I still enrol in your course?
Yes! This course is ideal for people who want to make the most out of their experience with a pro designer. We’ll teach you the language and principles that will allow you to develop your own style, communicate it with ease, and confidently engage a professional should you wish to do so.
I'm not exactly a techy person. Will I be able to access all the materials?
Yes. Basically, if you can turn a computer on and check your email, you’ll be fine! 🙂 All course content is compatible with both Macs, PCs, tablets and mobiles.


We’re so excited to share this journey with you. We truly believe that the space you live in has the power to change your life. We’ve both experienced the incredible difference that great design makes in our own homes, and now we want you to experience it for yourself.

Emma + Sonya xo

PS – Remember, the Decorating School eCourse is a 100% risk-free investment.