Before You Start - Renovation Plan

Thinking of starting a renovation soon but overwhelmed at the thought of where to start the process, who to hire, how to find the right trades and how to decide who to trust?

We will guide you through the planning stages and provide you with a clear to do list to follow throughout the renovation project. Sometimes just getting a little head start is all you need to help guide you on your way to renovation success.

Whether you’re planning a reno to STAY or a reno to SELL we have access to a huge network of trades, suppliers and trade discounts to help you.

This service is also great for those who are tossing up between selling or renovating and want a better understanding of what potential your home holds for you and your family’s future.

Renovation Analysis

Already knee deep in renos but totally hating on your home or feeling lost about the direction to take it in?

We’re here to help! We can run through your plans and your progress and provide clear advice for you and your builders to follow to get you back on track to a happy home reno.

We can reassess your budget so your money is spent where it needs to be, we give unbiased feedback on your plans and progress and provide you with a roadmap to follow to get things back on the right track.


Want someone to help you through the entire project? Someone you can trust will give you unbiased, professional feedback on your plans? Let us help you from start to finish with our full plan renovation service.

We can:

  • Guide you in finding the right property or block of land
  • Provide advice for working with councils
  • Source and select fixtures and fittings
  • Create colour palettes and material selection
  • Stick to budget & avoid expensive mistakes
  • Provide professional feedback on your plans