Your home office should be a place that offers inspiration and a sense of organisation, however often it can become cluttered with unnecessary items and lacklustre furniture.

Which is why we have put together our quick tips to transform your home office into a place you love, because who wants to work in a dull office? Not us!

1. Get Organised 

“Sleek, well-placed storage will serve your home office needs for a long time and hopefully work for you as your family grows” - Emma Blomfield

Take a look at your office space and work out which elements are making it look cluttered. Is it too many notebooks, a pile of paperwork or an overflowing pen holder?

Break it down and think about how you can store these elements better. Do you need to declutter your drawers, throw out some old notebooks or introduce some storage pieces on your desk?

2. Keep It Simple

When it comes to choosing furniture for your office space, aim to keep the colours neutral. As you want to feel focused in your office, rather than being distracted by multiple prints and colours.

If you want to add a touch of colour, choose a desk chair in a bright hue or a bunch of beautiful fresh flowers to inspire you while you work.

3. Think About The Walls

If you’re lacking desk space then think about adding in shelving or a pinboard to stick important notes and photos.

If your office space is feeling a little dull, then choose an inspiring artwork to place on the wall or create an inspiration board to place above your desk.

4. Get The Right Lighting

Having the right lighting in your office is one of the most important elements. To prevent eye strain, use a selection of various light sources including natural light, table lamps, floor lamps and overhead lighting.

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