New Year - New Home! Photography: Lisa Zhu Styling: Emma Blomfield

The New Year arrival means open windows, fresh air, and a good thorough clean out for a good clean start to the year, but what if that isn’t enough to let you enjoy a sense of freshness in your living space? You can use our quick and quirky new year update ideas to put a bit of zest back into any room:

  • Organisation Reorganised - an update to the kitchen canisters, a few new storage bins in the bedroom closet, or an overhaul of the linen cupboards can really add a sense of newness and freshness to your home.
  • Fresh Paint - A lot of people love the “bones” of their home but aren’t quite satisfied with the colour the walls throw in the space. One way to keep a lot of the best bits while updating for spring is to apply a new colour to the walls, doors, and trim in a room - or the whole home. You can tweak the mood in any space with just a bit of paint.
  • Seasonal Rug Swap - Did you ever think about the impact of the rugs you have chosen? Maybe one is a thicker winter type rug rather than a thin flatweave rug. If you have the room to spare for storage, why not invest in a lightweight rug ideal for the season. Wool or cotton flat weave rugs are the ideal choices for the spring and summer seasons in Australia or even consider a good quality polypropylene rug for high traffic areas.
  • Accentuate the Season - One great way to easily update for the change in season is to consider the accent pieces - lampshades, curtains, scatter cushions … these are easily and affordably swapped and can change the entire look and tone of a room.
  • Switch the Doona - Whether in the master bedroom or the guest bedroom, new linen is one easy way to update a space to reflect the season. Doing this also gives you the chance to update pillows (which can be unhealthy if kept too long). A new doona cover might also inspire you to make the bed each day, and that alone can create a fresh atmosphere!