With spring approaching we’re itching to get into our kitchen cupboards and wardrobes and give them a big clear out ready for the entertaining season ahead. So to coincide with the seasons changing we’re hosting a FREE 5 Day Decluttering Challenge starting Monday 28th August

We’re going to keep it simple and break down tasks into daily challenges over 5 days so you won’t feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, especially when you open your pantry ready to tackle 4 years worth of tinned food staring at you.

We’re all for procrastinating but we know the value in dedicating time to certain activities and the power of ORGANISATION.

Over the 5 day challenge we’ll be covering:


How to prep for a spring clean


Categorising items


Breaking clutter habits


Then work our way up to getting started on a declutter project in your home! FUN!

There’s probably plenty of you reading this thinking “yuk, I couldn’t think of anything worse than going through every item I own and deciding if I want to keep it or not”. But don’t worry, we’re not going to force you into doing a whole house clear out, we want to break it down into achievable steps which will allow you to enjoy your room all the more because everything will finally have it’s place and order will be restored to the chaos that once lay in your lounge room!

So if you’re sick of scrolling Instagram and seeing everyone’s picture perfect homes and hating on your own house because the kids have left their stuff all over the lounge room rug, your home office is overflowing with folders and junk or your guest bedroom is just a storage space with hardly anywhere for guests to actually sleep then this is a challenge you’ll want to take part in!

As well as helping you declutter, we’re also going to be giving away ONE FREE SPOT in our upcoming Room By Room eCourse. Join us for a free 5 day decluttering challenge and one lucky person signed up to the list will win a scholarship for our next round of Room By Room launching soon.

Come and join us for an exciting ride through the decluttering process over 5 days

starting Monday 28th August

Sometimes a bit of moral support is needed for a task like this so if you have a friend who you think would enjoy doing the challenge with you share this page with them and get them excited about the big spring clean up ahead!

Oh and by the way, we totally know how nerdy we sound for getting this excited about decluttering, we will shamelessly fly the flag for organisation and tidiness throughout this challenge and hopefully some of it will rub off on you guys too!