About Us.

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Our story goes like this…

This course came about because we kept seeing people struggling to create living spaces that reflected their values and supported the lifestyles they wish to lead.

we are


Interior Stylist, Author & co-founder of The Decorating School

As a decorator and published author, Emma has always been very passionate about making stylish interiors affordable and accessible to everyone, and has helped hundreds of clients – from single mums to celebrities – create gorgeous, liveable homes. But over her many years in the industry, she saw that way too many people lacked confidence when it came to decorating their spaces and were getting completely overwhelmed in the process.

On top of that, they weren’t aware of the simple tools and techniques that could help them make big shifts and improvements – without expending a whole lot of time, effort or money.


Digital Strategist, eco interiors expert, founder of Ecoluxe, co-founder of The Decorating School

Ever conscious of being environmentally sensitive – but not wanting to give up the decadent décor she loved so much – Sonya created an online haven that stocked sumptuous and stylish homewares that were also organic and ethically produced.

Her customers fell in love with all the gorgeous, sustainably-made products she sourced and the eco-interior design services she offered, but were always asking the same question: How can I style these pieces so they look as amazing in my own home as they do on your blog?


when we met and started working together, we realised that (much like Captain Planet) if we aligned our powers and expertise, we could create an inspiring, genuinely useful online resource to help our beautiful tribes, and spread the principles and values of amazing design far and wide.

“We created this course to help people just like you feel confident enough to paint a wall a bold colour, purchase the couch you’ve been eyeing off for years, or turf out the futon that’s been cluttering up your lounge area and know that you’re doing EXACTLY the right thing for your room. And even more importantly, we want to help you express your true self in your home, in a way that’s aligned with your vision, your values, and your lifestyle”

this is decorating with heart and soul

unique solutions

We don’t believe in pressing cookie-cutter solutions on you, or merely teaching you how to ‘paint by numbers’.

This is about digging deep into your desires, your lifestyle, and your functionality requirements, then showing you how to develop a design solution that combines those factors and captures the essence of you and your family.


Great design is not just about creating a space you love; it’s also about living your TRUTH and expressing your VALUES.

Whether it’s sustainability, innovation, making things kid-friendly, creating a sanctuary, or even just incorporating knick-knacks from your travels… Whatever’s important to you, we’ll be exploring the different ways your spaces can embody those values and priorities.

for life

Trends come and go; true design is forever. We’re going to equip you with the underlying design principles that will allow you to express any style you choose – whether it’s Scandi, Hamptons, Industrial, Beachy, whatever.

And you’ll be able to apply these tools and techniques to every budget, every house, and every room you ever find yourself in. (Long after pineapple prints and chevrons have been relegated to the op-shop scrapheap.)

come and learn more with us

We’re here to help empower our students with practical skills they can put into practice immediately to create a home they are proud to live in. We are passionate about sharing knowledge, creating helpful resources and crafting gorgeous spaces with you.


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Business of Styling

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Room by Room

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