The count down has officially started for The Business of Styling Mastermind this Saturday, 17th June. We thought we would give you a little insight into some of the topics our expert speakers will be discussing on the day. So that you can find out how this mastermind will benefit you at any stage of your styling business.


Financial Advisor, Melissa Browne and Accountant, Fiona Skrzypnik will be joining us to share their expert advice on mastering your finances. They will be sharing their knowledge on the benefits of working with an accounting team, the software you need to survive and examples of real life case studies where things have gone wrong for their clients and how they were able to turn things around.

If you dread tax time or have no idea what your accountant is talking about half the time, then you will definitely benefit from this dynamic duo and all the tips they have to share on the day.


Vision & Business Coach, Lauren Trlin will be delving into your business to help you discover your niche, find your purpose and understand your ‘why’. Lauren is ready to transform your mindset by finding out what drives you most and tapping into ways you can live out your purpose.

You will walk away with a clear vision for your business and a realistic strategy to achieve your goals. If you’ve been feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed with your business, then Lauren will be the one to get you heading in the right direction.


Digital Strategy Consultant, Eco Interiors Expert & Co-Founder of The Decorating School, Sonya Pala will be chatting all things law and business strategy. It’s easy to forget about these VITAL parts of business when we’re juggling a million tasks at once but it’s important to understand the basics. Sonya will share her advice to make sure you feel confident with the legal aspects of your business to ensure you’re protected. Sonya will also be sharing her advice on creating clear and effective strategies for your business, which is something we could all benefit from.


Interior Stylist, Author & Co-Founder of The Decorating School, Emma Blomfield will be joined by Sonya to chat about the importance of branding and three key steps they’ve used to achieve cohesive branding within their businesses. This vital branding information could see the difference between you winning clients or having them turn the other way!

Emma will also help you identify your ideal client, teach you how to describe your services in an effective way and how to work out the best pricing structure for your services.


Brand Management Specialist & Director of Harper Collective, Alicia Penhorwood is going to teach you how to turn leads into clients, sell your services without feeling icky and ideas on how to manage your social media like a pro.

If you’ve been struggling to connect with the right audience, build your social media following and get peoples attention, then this is one topic you don’t want to miss out on! Alicia will work with you to identify the best way for you to connect with your market, in a memorable and positive way.

Email us about our Payment Plan option for The Business of Styling Mastermind this Saturday, 17th June at The Life Style Edit, Surry Hills. 

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