We had the wonderful opportunity this week to sit down with Melbourne based sisters, Bliss and Bonnie Adams who founded Marble Basics in 2014. The brand is homage to their signature pared-back, timeless design aesthetic and we got the chance to find out all the exciting things they have coming up.

What inspired you both to create Marble Basics? 

Bonnie: The material itself inspired us initially, Marble is so uniquely beautiful, the fact that every piece is entirely different means it is a magnificent natural material. Coupled with this, we were also the early adopter of utilising this material to make homewares in a contemporary way, a far cry away from the Mortar and Pestle or Pastry Board. We spotted a gap in the market, which ended up becoming a huge trend in interior decorating, which was lovely, however, our intention is to create timeless designs that stand the test of time and are not transient. We design by our mantra to buy once and buy well.

What’s it like working together as a sister design duo? Do you both have different roles in the company? 

Bliss: Working with Bonnie is great, it is very easy and enjoyable and we really get along so well. Obviously, it is easier working with family, there is a sense of honesty that already exists and you don’t have to tiptoe around important issues in a more sensitive way like you would if you worked with a friend or a colleague. We have separated our roles, I work more on the business side and administration doing more day-to-day financial tasks and Bonnie works on the production side and marketing. Both of our roles intertwine frequently, which is great because it means both of us are across all facets, yet we are still responsible for our own areas.

How would you describe both of your interior styles? Are they similar or totally worlds apart? 

Bonnie: We definitely have similarities, we both love similar materials like linen, velvet, brass coupled with very natural textures like jute and timber, and we have similar tastes in architecture, our favourite is Spanish Mission and Colonial Style buildings. We are also quite different as well, Bliss is more traditional and classic, and I am inclined towards Mid-Century Modern and retro pieces, this is also played out in the different ways we dress as well.


What are your favourite pieces from the Marble Basics collection at the moment? 

Bliss: My favourite is the Blanc Stem Vase crafted from powder-coated iron. It is an amazing way to display flowers, you can place one stem or a couple depending on the thickness and keep it minimal leaving a few tubes empty as well. For anyone who struggles a little bit with making flowers or foliage look chic and don’t have a natural inclination, you can’t muck it up! We are seeing a lot of customers purchasing these for wedding tables and we love that idea, it is also a cost-effective way to make a bunch of flowers go a long way.

Do you have any favourite colour tones or textures to style back with marble? 

Bonnie: Our new collection ‘Unearthed’ was all about marrying new, complimentary materials with Marble. We love the marriage of these new materials and the way they interact with the natural beauty of Marble like Iron, Brass and natural leather. It is also about simplicity of colour, and we adore the combination of our Arctic Blue with our signature Moss Marble, we like the interaction of solid colours with Marble because it allows the individuality of the veining and colouring to shine on the Marble - it is not a material that should be out-shined by competing colours or textures.

How would you recommend introducing marble into your home? Is there a particular piece or room you would start with? 

Bliss: The best thing about our range of Basics, is that they are truly simple and functional within so many rooms of the home, when we are designing our collections, we always ask ourselves how many uses in how many home spaces can a piece work in. We love seeing the way our customers style their homes with our pieces, a good place to usually start is in the kitchen, it is very liberating to keep ‘good pieces’ on show, rather than hide them away in a cupboard and have them at the ready to be used at anytime. We find our range of Basic Trivets are ideal for the kitchen; keep oils, seasonings and jars of utensils on top to create a neat and stylish base, or serve cheese, cakes and entertain.

What’s next for Marble Basics? 

Bonnie: We are excited to be launching into new markets soon and are pleased to be able to offer more small furniture pieces into our range next year.

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