If you’re ever on the look out for unique Australian designs with an industrial edge, Design Twins is your one-stop shop. We had the lucky opportunity to chat with co-founder, Crystal Bailey about all things interiors, trends and even what greenery is best for your home.


We’re a little obsessed with your store! Tell us about how you came up with the idea to create Design Twins and what the journey has been like so far? 

Thank you so much! I still can’t believe how this all came about last year. It was literally one big joke in our tin shed, while we were painting pots one day. I was heavily pregnant with London, so every night I would stalk instagram (like pregnant women do) and found all these incredibly talented and affordable Australian Makers. I wanted to showcase their products so badly, because I have a passion for fostering unique Australian design. I wanted these makers to be able to do what they love full time, just as we were doing with Design Twins. With the massive support of our instagram community growing rapidly at 1000 followers a week, we knew we had a strong marketing platform to sell ours and other makers products in a retail space, where you can get a real sense of Australian made & designed quality. 

All your products are so unique and beautifully curated. How do you source the brands and unique pieces in the store? 

Well…. I’m on instagram every night, so we get a lot of people saying our store is an instagram shop! Maybe I should change the name? haha! It always gives me a buzz to find a unique undiscovered maker, creating products in their lounge room or garage like we first started out!


What trends do you predict to be big this season? 

Sage greens, mustards & pink (of course)!

If you had to define your style in three words, what would they be? 

Scandi, Industrial, Edge.

Who’s house would you love to live in and why? 

Nina from Stylizmo blog - her home is the ULTIMATE combination of rustic + minimal + scandi + sophistication.


Any words of wisdom for those wanting to redecorate this Summer? 

Bring in the GREENERY!!! Plants make life so much better ( just don’t forget to water them ) otherwise they will make you sad. But choose low maintenance plants like rubber trees, snake plants, succulents & cacti.

What’s next for Design Twins? 

We really need to release a new collection, but after being run down last year, start of this year and not seeing my two young kids, I needed to balance that all out, learn to relax and take one step at a time. So yep hopefully releasing this new collection!!!


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