Can you believe it’s February already, the year is flying by! We have a little surprise to share with you today! Emma has been a busy bee, quietly working away on a very exciting project - her first decorating book! The book officially hits all good bookstore shelves on 1st of March but we’re sending a little note out to you to let you know you can now pre-order Home: The Elements of Decorating in advance and be one of the first to receive a signed copy. This book has been years in the making and is a true labour of love which we’re so excited for you to have in your home.


Home: The Elements of Decorating is a timeless illustrated classic which is designed to be treasured and referred to over the years that it takes to create a home you’re truly happy to live in. Decorating is not meant to be a quick and easy process, a well put together room takes time and patience. The aim of the book is to breakdown the decorating process into bite sized, manageable pieces to eliminate the common myth that decorating is hard work.

The book is designed to look into the mind of a decorator and understand how a professional would put a room together and how homeowners too are capable of tapping into their talents to produce a beautifully curated home by following the five elements of decorating.


With a selection of categories (from living spaces, kid’s rooms, entryways, dining rooms, bedrooms and beyond) making it easy for you to follow the book from room to room helping you focus and finish each room in your home. The floor plan guidelines in each chapter will make it easier for you to find the right placement for you furniture – a common issue with many homeowners when first moving into a new home and facing the daunting task of furniture placement and decorating.