Put up your hand if you made it through to the end of the week and hardly made a mark on your huge to-do list?!

We’ve been there time and time again! Often scrolling through Pinterest seems much more fun than sitting down and putting in the time you need to bring your goals to life but that’s all about to change. We’re going to share the secret with you that dramatically shifted the way we set goals for ourselves and how we achieve them every time.

It’s called S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting - have you heard of it?

It’s a simple little tool you can use to bring accountability into your goal setting and make sure that you track your outcomes. Let’s get started!

S - Specific

Ask yourself what you want to achieve, why it’s important to you and what’s involved in achieving the goal.

M - Measurable

Making sure your goal is measurable will help you track your progress. Think about if there are any skills you need to acquire to complete your goal and how you will know when you’ve accomplished it.

A - Achievable

Your goal needs to be realistic for you to achieve it. Think about if there are any financial factors that contribute to your goal or if the time frame you’ve set is going to work for you.

R - Relevant

This is the chance for you to think about if this goal aligns with the direction you want to go in and what your main objectives are.

T - Timely

Hold yourself accountable by setting a deadline for your goal. You may even want to break it down into different stages and set a deadline for each to make sure you’re not getting off track.

Need someone to keep you accountable with your 2018 goals? Don’t worry, we work better when we share our goals and have someone checking in to make sure we aren’t slacking off too!

Join us for this well-timed Goal Setting Challenge starting February to see your creative business soar to success in 2018!