The entryway in your home is an opportunity for you to create a first impression and introduce the style of your home. Whether you have a big or small space to work with, we’ve pulled together our top tips to help you create a beautiful entryway for your home.

Choose your style

Set the tone for the rest of your home by introducing your style as soon as guests walk in the door. If you’ve chosen a minimalistic or bohemian look for your home, then ensure that your entryway communicates your chosen style.

Working with a smaller space

If you have a smaller entryway to work with then be sure to keep it simple and not clutter the space with multiple decorating pieces. If you don’t have much floor space then utilize the walls and hang a mirror or artwork to create an impact.

Working with a larger space

Sometimes having a large entryway to style can be just as difficult. We suggest choosing a statement dressing bench or adding some greenery to brighten up the space.

Make the space work for you

Keep your entryway neat and tidy by using hooks, shelving or baskets to store away all your essential everyday items. You can choose functional decor pieces that compliment your style and make life a little easier.

If you want more advice and ideas for decorating your home then be sure to take a look at our upcoming Plan Decorate Live eCourse opening for enrolments on Sunday, 5th March 2017.

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