We sit down with the founder of Mi Goals, Adam Jelic to chat about setting goals, staying organised and writing an awesome to-do list. He gave us some great words of wisdom, which we’re sure you will want to write down to remember.
We love the idea of The Goal Digger Planner - what inspired you to design this? 
The Goal Digger Planner was basically created as a result of trying to create the ultimate planner that would work as though you had a life coach guiding you throughout the year towards your goals. The design was all about going back to basics and creating a professional yet modern planner that would suit all work desks and office types. The real magic of the planner is the way it seamlessly guides you and inspires from January 1st all the way through to end of the year.

How do you set goals for yourself and are there any tips you’ve learnt which you can share with us? 
I use the goal diary I created, the reason for starting Mi Goals was I couldn’t find a product that would help me set and track my goals thus I created one for myself. The process for me is simple, I write what the goal is, why it’s important to me, when I want to achieve it by, how I am going to achieve it, the reward for achieving it and then lastly I break down the goal into small action steps. One of the keys to achieving your goals is to maintain the momentum and focus, the way I do that is I regularly review my goals and acknowledge my wins, lessons and next steps I need to take to achieve the goals I have set. Another simple tip is to set goals you are passionate about, the simple truth is when you love what you do, you are less likely to quit when challenges or obstacles arise.
What are three tools you use to stay organised?  
My Get Shit Done notebook, Goals Diary and my iPhone. I think with technology we are seeing the emergence of the Hybrid user, one that likes to use both tech-based tools and paper-based organisational tools to stay organised and inspired.
What advice would you give someone who is a beginner at writing a to-do list? 
Focus on doing the things that really matter. The beauty of being a beginner is you have the opportunity to get into good habits from the start. Far too often we write our to-do lists and fill them up with meaningless activities and then think we are being productive and making progress when in fact we are in most cases being busy for the sake of being busy. Learn early on to focus on ticking off the tasks that really matter and help you progress and grow.
When can we get our hands on The Goal Digger Planner? 
You can pre-order one now through Kickstarter, we will be sending out orders from November 2017 – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/goaldiggerplanner/2018-goal-digger-planner?ref=epx300