Decorating your rental can be tricky to navigate especially when you have a strict set of rules to follow and limited options to let your creativity flow. We know that it can be tough to know where to start, so we’ve put together a few easy tips to give you some ideas to make your rental feel more like a home.


The carpets in rental properties can often be a little worse for wear. Our go-to decorating hack is to cover any icky carpets with an oversized rug. Choose a shape and colour which compliments your interiors and say goodbye to those unappealing floors forever.


To make your home feel more inviting switch your globes to a warmer tone as this will change the entire ambience of the space, compared to cooler tones which are harsher on the eyes. You can usually find warmer globes in Bunnings or your local lighting store.


Storage is going to be your best friend when decorating your rental, especially if you live in an apartment. Think bookcases, shelves and under the bed storage options to make more space for you to enjoy your home clutter-free.


The best way to cover up any marks on the walls is with beautiful artwork which reflects your personal style. You’ll be surprised by how much a little artwork can make your space feel more inviting and homely. Just remember to use adhesive hooks which won’t leave any holes in the walls.

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