We love the idea of transforming the look of a room with a statement gallery wall. Rather than choosing one art work, you can choose multiple and style them in a way that reflects the personality of your home. We’ve put together a few easy steps to help you create your very own gallery wall - so let’s get started!


  • Spirit level
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • 3M hooks (if you can’t put holes in the wall),
  • pencil
  • blu-tak


Quick Tip: Need help hanging your artwork correctly? When thinking about the placement of frames on your wall, remember that average eye level is around 160cm from the ground up, so that’s a good anchor point for your artwork (e.g. the centre of your art piece would sit at 160cm from the ground up). Blu-tak is really hand to keep the artwork stable while deciding on placement.

Quick Tip: An easy way to space frames correctly is by using a tool to wedge between the artworks so you don’t have to keep measuring the wall with a ruler (using the width of your ruler is a good way to do this too).

Quick Tip: Vary the sizes of your frames, adding a matt to the image is also a good way to get a different look with your artwork and give it a more professional looking finish than artwork that goes right to the edge of the frame.

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