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United Interiors chat with us about their tips on buying artwork for the first time, making a statement and the trends to look out for this season. Join us now for some creative inspiration to help you choose the perfect piece of artwork for your home.

When choosing artwork for your home, what are some key things you should think about before hitting the shops? 

Art can be powerful, transformative and the highlight of any room. Think about the space you are creating, and the feeling you want to evoke using art. There are so many different ‘genres’ of art – from abstract, to minimalist, photographic to water colour; find a style that resonates with you and makes you feel comfortable and interested every time you look at it. From a practical point of view, think about size and scale – how big you want the artwork to be in relation to the room and the wall it occupies, and the types of colours that would suit.

What tips would you give someone wanting to introduce an artwork as the main feature for their living space? 

A lot of interior stylists start with art – they choose a piece that becomes the centre piece for everything else: cushions, throws, accessories and décor etc. Find a piece that works well with your existing base furniture (couch, rug, coffee table etc) and work your décor around the artwork so the colours and styles compliment each other. Think about the style of artwork you like, consider the colour, form, size and frame.

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What artwork trends should we look out for this season? 

We’re loving our new photographic artworks – interestingly abstract; we have a range that play on every day scenes in creative angles that make you stop, look and contemplate the piece. It makes for an interesting talking point in the room! Photographic art is modern, edgy and works well with many spaces.

What advice would you give someone buying artwork for the first time? 

Firstly think about the size of the room and the wall the artwork would occupy. Depending on the space you have to work with, you could consider a single stand out art piece, a pair of artworks side by side, a cluster of artworks that tell a story, or an entire gallery wall – the options can be endless. Make sure your decision is suitable for the wall space. Secondly, think about what colours, styles and forms resonate with you. You may be drawn to moody abstracts, bright minimalist pieces or photographic art – shop around in galleries and online and see what your eye is naturally drawn to. Thirdly, pick a colour palette – neutral, monochrome, pastel, neon – we are really spoilt for choice! You can use the artwork as a base, and pick up the colours within the piece to match your decorating pieces with - generally no more than 3 colours in any room. This sets the tone and creates a visual story by tying all the elements together using colour. For first time buyers, try to shop around and choose affordable artwork (like canvas and giclee framed prints) so you can begin to develop your taste in art, before splurging on investment pieces.

There are so many different shapes of artwork in your collection. Where does a circular shaped artwork work best in the home? 

The beauty of circular shaped art is that it can work in any room in the home! We have seen interior stylists use it in bedrooms, lounge rooms and even outdoors! You can even hang a circular shaped artwork amongst smaller square or rectangular artwork to create an interesting cluster that ‘breaks up’ the visual on a traditional gallery wall.

What can we expect from United Interiors in the coming months? Is there anything exciting planned you can share with us? 

We’re always working on a million things at once at United Interiors! Stay tuned for a fun project/event with TDS’s very own Emma Blomfield in the coming months! We’re also hosting our annual warehouse sale on the 1st April coming up. We hope to see you there!

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