Emma & Sonya

Here’s a little more about how the Decorating School came about…

Emma is a interior stylist, homewares buyer and owner of four donkeys (yes you read right!). While Sonya is is an eco interiors expert, digital strategist/project manager and mum to two super cute kidlets.

Both are Sagittarians, fond of tropical beach holidays, monogrammed leather goods, good quality candles and French champagne (of course!)

After meeting a couple of years ago on a shopping tour Emma was hosting, they got scheming up the back of the tour bus (like naughty school kids) figured there had to be a way that they could combine their interiors and digital super powers.

Emma had recently started her rural decorating workshops and loved teaching them, while Sonya had been wanting to help more people create eco-friendly home interiors. They both wanted to reach a wider audience and put their heads together to figure out exactly how they could achieve that. Fast forward a lot of hard work, late night emailing, phone calls and photoshoots to October 2015 when they launched The Decorating School

They created their first signature course Plan Decorate Live after seeing many of their clients encountering the same decorating struggles over and over. Both wanted to help people feel confident enough to paint a wall a bold colour, purchase a couch they’d been eyeing off for years, or turf out the sideboard that’s been cluttering up the lounge area and know that they were doing EXACTLY what the room needed in order to become liveable and beautiful.

And even more importantly, Emma and Sonya wanted to help homeowners express their true self at home, in a way that’s aligned with their vision, values, and lifestyle. Their goal with The Decorating School is to empower, build confidence & stop that analysis paralysis each time you enter a furniture store. But most importantly, they want everyone to enjoy being on this decorating journey!