Transform your space with these easy tips and tricks that you can use to renovate your home on any budget. Whether you’re limited for time or lacking creativity, these simple techniques will be sure to give your home the makeover it’s craving.


Tip One: Move Things Around

Give you’re home an instant makeover by moving around your furniture placement. They say a change is as good as a holiday, so why not mix things up and adjust the layout of certain rooms in your house. Think about moving key statement pieces into other rooms or styling the room to suit the current season. If it’s winter then try introducing some throws and warmer tones to the room.


Tip Two: Make A Statement

Want to bring some colour into your home? Why not make a statement by creating a feature wall with a wallpaper design that compliments the colour theme of your home? If wallpaper is a little outside of your comfort zone then try selecting a vibrant paint hue to introduce some colour into the room.


Tip Three: Give Your Furniture A New Look

Rather than throwing out your old furniture, try giving it a new look with a fresh coat of paint and new accents. Revamping your furniture will give any room a refreshing new look and will give you an opportunity to get creative.

Tip Four: Out With The Old

Say goodbye to cluttered drawers and book shelves by setting aside some time to edit each room in your home. Throw out any broken decorating pieces or unnecessary items that are filling up space.


Tip Five: Create A First Impression

Bring out your green thumb and spend the weekend redecorating your garden area at the front of your home. Take a trip to the gardening store and choose some fresh new plants that will compliment your home and lifestyle. Then plan where you’re going to place them and add some new life to your garden area. Try creating a mood board with inspiration, as this will make it easier when selecting plants and the layout you’re wanting to achieve.

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