It’s easy to slip into the new year and get back to your same old routine but at TDS we want to inspire you to reach new goals and create a life you love. So we thought we would ask you a few question to get your mind ticking and inspiration flowing. Grab a tea, sit down with your favourite tunes and fill out the below questions to set some new goals for 2018.

- What are some achievements you made this past year?

- What barriers did you overcome?

- Write down a goal for your health, wealth and self in 2018

- What is one really big and scary goal you’re going to set for yourself?

- What are some actionable tasks which are required to reach each goal?

- What month would you like to achieve each goal by?

If you’re feeling excited and ready to delve into even more strategic planning for your business in 2018, then you’re going to love our new eBook available online now. We’ve made it super simple for you to plan out your financial goals, how many new clients you want to work with and which actionable tasks you need to implement to make your BIG dreams a reality.