They say a person who never made a mistake, never tried something new. Which is why we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and to not be afraid of the hiccups along the way because that’s what makes the journey worthwhile. Emma has many a tale to tell so we’re sharing some of her funny stories from starting out in her career and what she’s learnt along the way.

What are some hiccups you experienced when starting out as an interior stylist? 

1. I didn’t measure a client’s lift and when the delivery guys delivered her two custom-made sofas they wouldn’t fit. I had to get the delivery guys to leave them in the lobby overnight and at 7 am the next morning I paid a removalist to take them up two flights of stairs. If they didn’t fit in the stairwell I was going to have to pay for them to be craned over the glass balcony which would have ended up costing me a fortune.

2. When I was a property stylist we learnt the hard way that a lot of terraces in Sydney only got double beds down the hallways. I had to call head office to come and bring a double bed instead of a queen bed to the property. This also didn’t go down well with my boss at the time.

3. I learnt the hard way that you have to be the one to do all the last fact checking. I once had an accountant try and tell me my tax bill was around $20,000 more than it actually was. I spent two full weeks panicking about where I was going to find the money to pay the tax bill. When I checked her stats I realised she had grossly miscalculated my earnings and in fact I didn’t owe as much as she’d told me.

4. Always tape down bedside tables before moving them in clients homes. I didn’t do this once and the drawer flew open as we lifted it and we saw a few items that probably should have been placed in a cupboard far far away!!!

What have you learnt from your years in the industry?

I’m still learning to listen to my gut more often. I used to ignore it all the time when meeting new clients because I wanted all the work I could get. It resulted in a lot of headaches and miscommunication. Now I really have to want to do the project to say yes to the job.

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