With the evening air becoming crisp and the smell of fireplaces filling the streets, we thought it was the perfect time to share with you our five easy ways to prepare your home for a cosy Winter.

  1. Get your fireplace ready

There is something special about sitting next to a fireplace with a warm tea in the winter time. So to make sure you’re all ready to go, stock up on fire wood and hire a chimney cleaner to come in and prepare your fireplace.

2. Time for something warmer

Make getting dressed in the morning easier by swapping over your sandals for boots and summer dresses for cozy knits. This is also a great time to think about getting rid of any clothes you haven’t worn and getting any shoes resoled.

3. Think about introducing a rug

Rugs are a great way to bring warmth into a room, especially if you have tiles or timber floorboards. Think about introducing a rug next to your bed, in the lounge room or even placing floor mats down in the bathroom so you have something soft and warm to step out onto after a shower.

4. Switch up the decor

Now is a great time to introduce warmer tones, textures and fabrics into your living space. Think about switching your bright patterned cushions for something more moody and softer. A simple way to get your living space ready for Winter is by adding a throw to your lounge, placing some candles around the home or even mixing up your artworks to compliment your Winter decor.

5. Swap the bedding over

Change your bedding to something more appropriate for Winter by putting flannel sheets, a soft throw or extra blankets on your bed. Then when the nights get cooler if you need a little extra heating make sure you keep an old fashioned heated water bottle near.

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