We chat to Industville about their top five tips for making a room feel bigger with lighting. You can use this key element to open up your living room, make your apartment seem a little more spacious or even to compliment the interior design of your home.


Many find it easier to use a single source of light in the middle of the room, but this isn’t a reliable technique when enhancing the spaces around you.

It’s important to use multiple sources of light to enhance the perception of space around us, simple things like table lamps and wall lights make a huge difference in making this possible. How you might ask? We achieve this by spreading the focus across the entire area of your room, which also helps in displaying other pieces of furniture with more prominence.


One of the most proven ways of making your room appear larger is by utilising your vertical space. If you have a ceiling of relatively high proportion, it would be wise to focus your energy on this part of the room.

Pendants hanging from the ceiling create an eye-grabbing effect which cleverly emphasise the height of the room rather than the room size and the space it occupies.


When creating space, the use of mirrors has to be the most classic uses of illusion. Placing a large mirror opposite a window creates a tremendous amount of natural light around the room.

Understandably this isn’t always possible for some, so an alternative is to place your mirror opposite your wall lights; this will have a similar effect.

Wall Lights

Having a room filled with empty corners and random recesses can be rather inconvenient, especially when trying to elaborate on the space around us.

There are a range of wall lights that are highly effective in spreading light around the room, so by adding these to corners and recesses, you’ll quickly notice the benefits in terms of space awareness.


Lastly, we have another classic space-making illusion and interior trick, glass. Making the most of glass furniture will help your eyes to focus on other parts of the room, which opens up the possibility of more space. This is why many new lighting manufacturers are choosing to create glass designs as it has a similar effect.

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