James Treble Designer

He probably needs no introduction, but if you have not already heard of James Treble, let us give you a little introduction… This man is surely a human energiser bunny, he just never stops moving, talking, styling, designing and laughing. He has a number of titles he goes by - TV Presenter, Interior Designer, Colour Consultant, Brand Ambassador, Planet Ark Ambassador and most recently Rug Designer! It’s exhausting just keeping up with his titles.

Emma has had the pleasure of working with James styling some sets for Channel 10’s The Living Room with him and was immediately struck by James’s humble nature and ability to light up an entire room. He has this special talent to make you feel instantly at ease when you are around him so it’s no wonder so many brands are knocking on his door to collaborate up with him.

We could think of no one better to kick off our new “Five Things” series than Mr James Treble……


  1. What’s the short version of how you got to be Channel 10’s The Living Room’s resident designer?

Approximately 7 years ago I had a concept for a TV show about the building and design of an Eco green home, that would give tips to people on how to save the planet, by saving themselves money. A good friend of mine Karie Soehardi, who is a fabric and wallpaper designer, had some contacts through work she had done, so we met with a production company, who in turn took the concept to Lifestyle Channel. This resulted in a Pilot being made, which was very exciting, I told everyone, BUT sadly in TV land, many many amazing concepts never become a show.

It was nearly two years later, that I received an email from the series producer of The Living Room, who had seen my pilot and asked me to come and do one show in a designer vs builder format! Lucky for me they offered me a contract, and that one show has turned into me now filming season 5 of TLR.

You never know what is around the corner, so my advice to everyone is to do what you love, and doors will open.

  1. Tell us about an average day in your world. 

I wear many hats these days so an average day can vary a lot. My role as Interior Design Expert on The Living Room involves filming, creative meetings and being on set. It’s interesting to know that we film 4 days to create 11 minutes of film on the design challenges, which people don’t realise. Writing for Home Plus Magazine, involves me creating monthly articles, which I fit in and round my schedule, often writing as a break form other clients. As a Planet Ark ambassador I regularly have meetings for content for their newsletters and blog, I am in the sound studio in North Sydney creating radio interviews and adds which run throughout the year for their various environmental campaigns.

I am also heavily involved for World Wood Day, in March, Plant a Tree Day in July and Recycle Week in September!

On top of all of these, I work with real clients building real homes, as well as some boutique builders, so my normal days involve tile selections, designing kitchens and bathrooms, reviewing floor plans, creating look books and interior schemes, lots of meetings and far too many emails!

  1. What’s the biggest misconception about what you do for a living?

Away from the glamour of filming for TLR and writing for Home Plus Magazine, people don’t see that I usually work 12/13 day fortnights! I am usually in my studio at 7am most mornings, where I manage to deal with as much paperwork and emails as I can, before the phone starts ringing.

In my own design practice a large part my work is dealing with clients during the new home build process. I usually have about 20 or so clients at various stages of the building process at any one time, so apart from the fun side of designing and styling, there is a lot of organising, meetings and negations to get things across the line.

James Treble Rugs

  1. What’s your own home like? 

As I’ve mentioned my partner is an artist, and we both love collecting pieces when we travel in both Australia and overseas, so we always have walls filled with art from various sources including some of our artist friends.  Like many homes they evolve over time, and as we collect pieces adding new items from time to time, these combined with some family antiques from both families creates a fusion which is interesting yet comfortable, and simply works for us.

  1. If you had an unlimited budget, where would you live and what would the house look like?

I love Australia far too much, to want to permanently live anywhere else! having said that, as my partner who is an artist, has all of his family, (apart from our two children), in Rome, and I love traveling, we work hard throughout the year so that we can go visit them every July being their summer.

For me, the mix of ancient culture, amazing architecture and wonderful food makes it the perfect destination so we don’t need an unlimited budget to achieve what we already love doing.

We are working towards our plan of living in Italy for 3-4 months ever year, as we both love perpetual summer, so each year 4 weeks becomes 5 and so on. It’s not about NOT working, as we both love what we do so much, we would end up doing it anyway, even without being paid, and we have plenty of work to do when we are traveling.

This may sound extravagant, But it’s really not! We both work very hard and long hours for most of the year, so our trips are more like all of those lost weekends strung together at once, and we both get so inspired and enthused with new ideas when we travel the country and see so many interesting sites that all of our other exploits benefit greatly from our time away.

Of course design and architecture ideas are everywhere you look in Italy, so for the house, we both like a mix of contemporary and traditional furniture, which reflects our two cultures and creative careers. When we eventually get these two homes in our two countries, they will be quite similar and have a mix of all of our influences.

Of course both homes will have some amazing rugs, cushions and ottomans from my James Treble for Rugspace collection, that really goes without saying doesn’t it, and I collated that range for that exact reason, so it can comfortably sit with anyones existing home decor, even ours!


We hope you enjoyed the first post from our Five Things series. We’ll be back very soon with another instalment!