Although we are yet to meet the girls from BLOOMBOX CO. we have a feeling we’d get along just fine in real life! BLOOMBOX CO is a great initiative by two friends, Melissa and Philomena and it basically allows you to be your own florist with flowers delivered to your door each week. Seriously, how many times have you realised you’ve got friends coming over for dinner on a Saturday night and you have every detail planned but you forgot to by fresh flowers? Well these girls take that panic away from you to ensure you’ve got fresh flowers on your dining room table, on your kitchen counter or by your bedside every day of the week. Genuis!


So, what did we learn from these two fabulous ladies?

1. What’s the short version of how you started BLOOMBOX Co?

Mel and I have been friends since we were 11, from the time that eyebrows were hairy, uniforms brown and ugly and dinosaurs roamed the earth. We’ve both been creative business tinkerers over the years, running our own fashion businesses separately but always in each other’s pockets. BLOOMBOX CO was an idea one night over a bottle of wine - but it could have easily have been one of the 57 other ideas we’ve had, including manufacturing frozen cauliflower pizza bases (someone else, do this please!). The initial idea was in part prompted by a Facebook post by a (super successful) girl from school who was mooning after flowers and wishing her husband might buy her some, and we thought - something is seriously wrong with this picture! And so it began.
2. Tell us about an average day in your office. 
Gin and tonics before noon 😉 I’m kidding! I’m not sure there really is an average day for us! We’re usually juggling a million things - from pulling content together for our next box (which could be filming or photographing flowers and tutorials), mood boarding themes and trends for our weekly deliveries, trawling the markets, playing with social media and tonnes of the more tedious things like admin and building out our website.
3. What’s the biggest misconception about what you do?
I think a lot of people still think we’re florists - which we’re not at all! We’re laser focused on creating a beautiful DIY floral experience for our customers, so they can make amazing arrangements in their own homes. We don’t compete with florists at all, there’s definitely a time for skilful artistic gifts and arrangements. Instead we focus on helping women make their spaces beautiful with fresh flowers and botanicals everyday. Even so, we still often get asked to do bouquets and events, which we’ll never do.
4. What’s your top tricks for arranging flowers?
We looove the more natural arranging trend that’s happening at the moment - rather than that insidious evenly spaced, perfectly symmetrical style that won’t go away. So rather than following hard and fast rules and rigid techniques, we love layering clusters of blooms together, threading them in as you go and popping them into an offbeat vessel (like a basket or an old jar). A droopy bit of foliage here, and a runaway stem there just adds piles of gardeny character.
Another favourite ‘cheat’s’ trick is to create a sticky tape grid over whatever vessel you’re using. It’s a great way to get your blooms to sit just so and provides a little extra support for more adventurous lines and shapes - plus you don’t need any fancy floral equipment for it. We have tonnes more tips and tricks in our e-guide “Flower Hacks - a lazy girl’s DIY guide to styling flowers like a pro” which is available for free on our site.
5. What’s your favourite flower?
At the moment I’m in love with Siam Tulips - they’re so juicy and lush and totally intriguing. Plus they last ages and can put up with terrible neglect (which is more my personal floral style). But ask next week and you’ll get a different answer - that’s the hazard of working with flowers year-round.
Now over to you lovely readers, what are your favourite flowers?