Shelley Craft

Aren’t we lucky ducks?! Today’s Five Things post comes from Shelley Craft, co-host of The Block and ambassador for Carpet Court who is chatting with us about her brand new flooring range Real Living with Carpet Court.

  1. No doubt you’ve seen your fair share of flooring options in your time. Which do you prefer? Floorboards or carpet? And why?I love both. Floorboards are easy to clean and hardwearing. In bedrooms, you can always add warmth and comfort with a beautiful rug, carpet and furnishings. I love the Oak Avenue timber floorboards from my new Real Living range. The colours and the texture are beautiful.
  2. Tell us about your floorboard colour options, we noted there are very few dark timber tones. Are dark floors out?
    NEVER! I love dark floors, it’s usually a much more formal way to style and my new Real Living range is all about real, easy living.
  3. What’s your number one rule for choosing flooring for a renovation or new build?Budget. Determine your budget before you start. Carpet Court know flooring and can help you find the right products to meet any budget.
  4. Laying a rug on carpet. Yay or nay?Yay. Layering is such an easy way to add style and comfort. Carpet Court offer a large range of rugs that look great layered over carpet.
  5. What are your recommendations flooring wise for young families, is it possible to have carpet and keep it clean?!I battle with this… There are going to be accidents, no doubt and it’s not just the kids! The stain resistance of carpet is incredible. I budget to have my carpets steam cleaned every year, that way I know they will last. I know there’s no hidden nasties and they always look fresh. A four bedroom house is around $200 to have professionally clean and it will increase the life of your carpet.


Now a question for our lovely readers…Are you currently renovating? What’s got you stumped when it comes to choosing your flooring?