Is your home a little overwhelming at the moment? Maybe it’s left over festive decorations, toys from the school holidays or winter clothing that you’re not sure where to put. Clutter can easily build up over the summer period, so here are five storage ideas to help you cruise into a clean and clear New Year.

Rolling Storage

Have some empty space underneath your bed or couch? Rolling crates are the new plastic containers, as they can be stored underneath furniture in a more stylish way. They are a great idea for children’s bedrooms, as they allow you to use space underneath the bed, which clears cupboard and wall space.


Canvas Baskets

These are great for storing all types of things from blankets and throws to cushions and even laundry! Because they are so soft and versatile, they can easily be moved around the home.


Winter Storage

Got a lot of winter scarves, hats and gloves to store, but nowhere to put them? We love the idea of wire storage baskets, which can be screwed onto the back of wardrobe doors. Great for easy access once the cool weather arrives too.


Mason Jars

We love sipping our favourite fresh juice out of a fancy Mason jar but we also love the idea of using your old jars for storing sewing supplies, stationary and toiletries.


Exposed Clothing Racks

If you’re lacking space in your wardrobe or simply own too many clothes, try using exposed clothing racks. This alternative can be styled as a feature piece in your room, with all your favourite outfits styled neatly for the week ahead.


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