Frequently Asked Questions
In the next 6 weeks, I’ve got a wedding / holiday / baby planned. Can I still enrol? What if I fall behind?

You can absolutely still enrol! The nature of this course means you can’t fall behind. If you’ve got big things happening in your life, you can simply go through the materials at your own pace whenever you’re ready (they’re yours to download and keep, so you can go through them whenever you like, and as many times as you like).

Of course, there are some interactive elements to the course that will be taking place in ‘real time’ in our private community groups (on Facebook and Pinterest), but you can always catch up and contribute to the conversations at a later date, and you definitely won’t miss any key content.

As much as I’d love to go bananas on homewares, I’m on a budget. Is this course right for me?

Absolutely! At it’s heart, design is problem solving, and if you’re on a budget, it’s just one other factor to consider as you figure out your solution. With every part of design that we touch on – from lighting to lounges, from paintings to pouffes – we’ll be highlighting how you can make the most of a tight budget (or how to show off a luxe one!).

Even better, we’ll be revealing all the pro secrets about where to spend your money and where to save, so that even if you’re having to watch your pennies, it won’t be reflected in your home.

I don’t know what my style is. Can I still enrol?

Definitely. In fact, a strong driving force behind this course is teaching you how to identify your own style, then developing it and translating it into your own home.

And heads up: even if you think you have no idea what your style is, most people have a much more developed sense of their own taste than they realise. You’ve just got to know how to tune in to it and how to express it (which is exactly what we’re here to teach you).

I have a very clear idea on what my style is – will I still get a lot out of your course?

Yes. We’ll be showing you the underlying principles of amazing design that can be translated into any style, any home, and any space. Things like how big your furniture should be, where to position it, what layouts work in which rooms, where to hang your artwork, what size rug to use, and how to incorporate texture… It’s all about arming you with the tools and knowledge you need to bring your style to life (regardless of whether you prefer Minimalist or Moroccan!).

I’m not a homeowner, I’m renting. Can I still enrol?

Of course! Almost all of the principles in this course will apply to rental and short-term living situations as much as to those who own their homes. And trust us: you can do a heck of a lot to your living space without doing anything to upset your landlord!


Are you going to ask me to do a complete makeover of my home?

Not at all. We fully understand that a complete reno-redecoration isn’t on everybody’s to-do list. So we’ll be teaching you how to make the most of what you’ve got, as well as the small changes and tweaks that will result in big shifts in the way your home feels and functions. (Seriously – who knew moving a couch and buying a lamp could make such a big difference?!)

I’m pretty busy – how much time will I need to devote to this course?

No worries at all, we understand busyness! Devoting 3-4 hours per week to the modules – going through the content, doing your homework tasks, and interacting in the private Facebook and Pinterest groups – should give you an excellent platform from which to soar. (And remember: it doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with that pace. The materials are yours to download and keep forever, and you can go through them at whatever speed feels most comfortable for you.)


I’ve got a family. Does your course include kid-friendly design suggestions?

Certainly does! Everything we teach you is underscored by this one fact: good design has to work in your home, for your family, with your lifestyle. So kids (as well as husbands, pets, and garden gnomes) are all part of the equation! 😉


I’m thinking of hiring a professional designer. Should I still enrol in your course?

Yes! This course is ideal for people who want to make the most out of their experience with a pro designer. We’ll teach you the language and principles that will allow you to develop your own style, communicate it with ease, and confidently engage a professional should you wish to do so.

I like to ‘go green’ wherever possible. Do you discuss enviro-friendly design options?

Boy are you in the right place. Sustainability is very important to us, and is an essential part of both our individual design styles. (Sonya even runs her own online luxury eco interiors store). So although sustainability isn’t our main focus (amazing design is), we’ll be offering you awesome ideas at every stage if you’d like to make a green choice.

I’m not exactly a techy person. Will I be able to access all the materials?

Yes. Basically, if you can turn a computer on and check your email, you’ll be fine!  All course content is compatible with both Macs and PCs, and once it’s on your computer, you can even transfer it to a mobile device so that you can dive in while you’re on the road.