Taking head shots for your business can be a little awkward. So to make sure you get the best photos possible and have fun along the way, we’ve asked Emma to share her quick tips to help you get photoshoot ready.

1. Choose a photographer you feel comfortable with. Taking headshots is awkward at the best of times, having a professional who can make you laugh and feel relaxed means your photos will turn out even better.

2. Have your hair and makeup done. Makeup professionals will tweak the makeup to suit being on camera (ie. using foundation without sunscreen in it because sunscreen will flash white on camera making your face appear differently.) Booking a blow dry also takes the stress out of getting ready that morning too.

3. Book a location - if you aren’t using your own home or a client’s home you’ve decorated consider booking a studio or showroom to use as your backdrop.

4. Bring multiple outfit options - you will need to coordinate your outfit to your backdrop. No small prints like polka dots as these detract from your face. Stick to solid colours. Don’t show too much skin. Make sure no bra straps are on show and if wearing a jacket make sure it’s unbuttoned so it sits more flattering. Mix up casual and more formal options. Don’t wear too much jewellery, as it will detract from your face.

5. Do various different activities in the photos. Fluff some scatter cushions, toss or throw a rug over a bed or sofa, sit at your laptop typing, flick through fabric swatches etc. People love seeing behind the scenes type shots showing what you do for a living.

6. Keep moving while the photographer is taking photos. Move your head around and look away from time to time, a good photographer will direct you but you can get a frozen, deer in the headlights look if you stay very still in one position too long.

7. Rest your hands gently on your lap if sitting for photos. If you’re standing try holding a prop or lean gently against a desk or table so your arms don’t hang awkwardly next to you.

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