What does your morning routine involve? 

My phone is my alarm clock so inevitably the day starts with a quick scroll through Instagram before rolling out of bed to jump in the shower then breakfast before heading to a meeting or into the office.

I really love to have time in the morning to get myself ready and prepared for the day. I find that while I’m having breakfast or a cup of tea, it helps to go through my diary and see what I have on for the day and make sure I’m prepared.

What is your favourite tea to start the day with? 

I love chamomile tea to start the day.

Why is your morning routine so important to you?

I’m an absolute nightmare to deal with if I haven’t had sufficient time to get my day on track. I HATE early starts with a passion because I always know it will cut my routine short and I’ll be frazzled all day because of it!

What are some tips you can share with others to start their day on a positive note? 

Allow plenty of time to wake up, shower, get ready and eat! I also like to write my to-do list for the next day the night before so I know what is the most important task for the day and in which order I need to get them done.

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