Good organisation is invisible but mess stares you right in the face. So before you freak out and get overwhelmed at the thought of spring cleaning, here are a few decluttering hacks to help you on the road to becoming a neat freak.

Hack One | Sort It Out 

Sort things into the rooms they are supposed to be in. Put the carseats in the garage and toys in the toy room. Then the next step is to sort things into the places they are most frequently used. Store knives near the chopping board, pens in the home office and cook books in the kitchen.

Hack Two | Take 5 Minutes A Day 

This baby-step approach means that you can be more organised without taking a massive chunk out of your day. Whether it’s sorting paperwork, bills or putting the bins out - take 5 minutes a day to avoid an overwhelming workload at the end of the week.

Hack Three | One In & One Out 

It’s amazing how much you can accumulate over time. Which is why we love the idea of the one in, one out rule. It’s as simple as removing one thing from the home, each time you bring something new in. This easy tip will help you create more space and will also stop you from buying useless items for the home.

Hack Four | Clear Out The Pantry  

There is nothing more annoying than going to the shops and buying the same thing twice. So to avoid having an overloaded pantry of food that’s out of date, set aside some time and clean out your pantry. A hack to make sure you clean the full pantry is to pull everything out (yep, you heard us right!) and wipe down the benches, then one by one sort through everything and place it back in the pantry. As you sort food back into the pantry, categorise items like kids lunch box food, baking goods and sauces. Then group them together to make it easier to find things when preparing a meal.

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