A few weeks ago the Country Style team travelled to Emma Blomfield’s Hunter Valley family farm to escape the bustling city and bring to life a bush Christmas.

As soon as the team arrived it was all hands on deck as they began shooting the cover for the Christmas magazine as the sun set behind the trees. The cover star Toby the donkey was rather uninterested in being a model for the afternoon and insisted on standing anywhere but next to the Christmas tree. So after hours of trying to coax him over, Emma had to hide behind the tree to keep him standing still. Then out of nowhere Cracker the resident wallaby hopped out of the bushes with her baby joey and joined in on the photo shoot to create the most beautiful cover we have ever seen.

It was a fun-filled two days spent styling up a storm, capturing the beauty of an Australian Christmas and wrangling all the farm animals to behave perfectly for their close-ups! John Mangila the stylist brought the most amazing flowers with him to make the stunning garland over the fireplace. Brigid Arnott did a beautiful job capturing the magic of the farm in the photos and the team from Sixty Four Films were there to capture the behind the scenes magic and put together this breathtaking video.


The Country Style Christmas issue is on sale now, so make sure you go grab a copy to cherish yourself.