Living Room Beach Coastal

Easy Updates For Rental Properties. Photography: Lisa Zhu Styling: Emma Blomfield

Just because you don’t own your living space it doesn’t mean it cannot be “yours” in style and appearance. However, there are some deal breakers where personalisation is concerned, here are our five best tips:

  1. Walls – If your landlord painted the walls a clean crisp white count yourself lucky. If they are an unsightly colour and the landlord won’t allow you to paint, it’s time to spruce up the walls by getting creative. The best way to do that is to create a gallery of framed prints and large stretched canvases that will become the new feature in the room rather than the wall colour. We suggest 3M hooks as a “renters best friend”, leaving no holes or marks, yet capable of carrying the weight of your own private gallery!
  2. Floors – Invest in the largest area rug you can afford as it covers many sins where the floors are concerned. Whether it is a horrid, stained carpet or badly scuffed floors, an area rug defines spaces and covers problem areas.
  3.  Space & Lighting - Turn to mirrors as the answer to inadequate windows or a small space. They reflect light back into the room from even the smallest of windows, they also create a sense of space. It can be as simple as a large, floor-length mirror strategically placed in your living space or bedroom.
  4. Vignettes - Interior décor is not all about large pieces, colour schemes, and lighting. It is also a story about you! Vignettes are the perfect way to achieve this, telling visual stories with a great deal of charm. A chest of drawers or buffet table is the perfect backdrop for trays full of trinkets or pieces from travels, collecting, and more.
  5. Door Knobs - Ugly kitchen cabinets? Invest in new knobs that are more modern or reflective your style. Keep the originals to return when you move out, just in case the landlord really favours the original style (and obviously have no taste!).

With these easy steps, you can update your rental to reflect you without risking any penalties from the landlord.


Emma & Sonya xx