If you’re a budding interior stylist and you’re struggling to nail your pricing, there is no need to stress as you’re not alone! We’ve had plenty of pricing woes ourselves and have a few stories up our sleeve. Which is what inspired us to share with you the common mistakes budding interior stylists make when working out their pricing.

1. Lacking confidence

Every successful designer has been there, second guessing their services, comparing their ideas to others, and wondering if they’re doing it all right. The difference is, successful designers drag themselves out of that realm of uncertainty, realise they are the CEO of a successful business and run it with confidence. If you don’t question yourself, your clients won’t either!

2. Comparing pricing with others

It may be easier when starting out, to look for a generalised pricing model to give you the right financial guide. However, this takes away the important investment of creating your own unique pricing model that focuses on creating and honouring what works for your business, service and clients.

3. Giving discounts

Discounts set a precedent for future low prices, and can undervalue your business. Discounting services can also suggest a lack of confidence in your services. Strive to back your skill-set and help your clients understand that your price rates are thoughtful, fair and compliment the services you give them.

4. Hiding your pricing 

Secrecy ultimately hurts your business, and clients value and appreciate transparency. Being open and honest from the get-go, sets a secure bond between you and your client and helps limit any financial complication and uncertainty throughout the process.


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