We’re delighted to have the opportunity to chat with the talented Georgie Leckey from Heatherly Design to hear more about her creative journey and advice for others starting out in the design industry. Get ready to want to redo your bedroom after reading this interview! 

What determined your passion for design when you were starting out?

Heatherly Design evolved out of a need for additional comfort behind our bed when reading at night. The cold wall was not conducive to creating an inviting bedroom so I set out to create that missing layer of comfort and to use some of the remnants I had gathered over the years. Our motto when we first launched ten years ago of “adding that finishing touch to the bedroom and final layer of comfort to the bed” stands true to this day.

What is your number one styling prediction for 2018?

In the bedroom definitely, the bedhead going wider to encompass side tables. We all love a glamour hotel bedroom and this is the one way we can recreate this look in our own home. 

What/who are some of your biggest design inspirations?

Kit Kemp from Firmdale Hotels, I love her bold use of colour and pattern. If only we were a little braver here in Australia! Often my design inspiration comes from clients who are simply creating something not already in our range. We are fortunate with our talented team of upholsterers here in Melbourne who can offer such a broad range of different designs.

What are your top styling tips for making your home feel personal, unique and meaningful?

I think the golden rule here is not to rush it, don’t feel compelled to finish decorating a room in one hit. When I have this conversation with clients in our showrooms, I can almost see their relief that it’s okay to take it slow.  I think we are all geared to working to deadlines and potentially finishing a home can fall into this category.  BUT, a home is layered over time, edited and re-edited. Each piece tells a story and has a reason for being there. I tend to focus on vignettes whether it be a collection hanging on a wall of botanical artwork or wooden puzzles on a table. By breaking it down and focusing on smaller projects the “whole” becomes over time!  

What do you find people struggle with the most when it comes to decorating their home?

Where to start? Invariably the carpet and paint colour are selected but what’s next?  No wonder we can be overwhelmed!  We ask our clients in our showrooms to consider styles of bed heads that appeal – are they contemporary or traditional in design? Once we ascertain this detail we can get a feel for design direction and then the fun begins with colours and textures that sing!

What advice do you have for young designers/or people starting out on their design journey?

Gather every contact in that little black book!  Say yes to work experience, information evenings on new collections from suppliers. I never realised when in my 20’s working for other businesses how everyday experiences helped me shape where Heatherly Design is today.

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