We spend most of our time in our homes, but what if they were actually making us feel unhappy? From clutter to the wrong floor plan, we delve into the 4 ways your home could be making you feel overwhelmed and unhappy. Plus, we’ll even share an insight into ways to make your home happier and more meaningful.


Natural light promotes a positive energy in your home. If your home is dark even in the daytime then this could be altering your mood. An easy fix is to keep curtains open throughout the day, use lamps to brighten dark spaces and light some of your favourite candles in the evening to create a calm mood.


If you’re living in a home with toys all over the floor, furniture that’s been placed in a rush and paperwork all over your workspace, then this is a quick road to feeling stressed out. An easy way to fix this is by setting aside a day to clear out unwanted clothes, give the pantry a spring clean and put everything in it’s place. Then have a look at the layout of your furniture and make sure you create a warm and inviting layout, which feels spacious and organised.


This is something we see in so many of our students homes, as they struggle to decide on their style and in turn find it difficult to stick to one colour palette. Too many colours in your home will have it looking busy and over the top. An easy way to fix this is by deciding on three colours which reflect you and your family, then stick to them!


There is nothing more frustrating than appliances or furniture pieces which don’t work properly. Now is the time to fix them or throw them out to clear space. Whether you need to hire a handyman to fix the lightbulbs or call a plumber to finally get the laundry sink fixed - schedule it into your calendar and watch how much happier you feel once it’s ticked off the to-do list.

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