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Plan Decorate Live eCourse

Course Closed. Register your interest for the next round of enrolments for our signature planning and decorating principles eCourse. Next course to run late 2016.

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Room By Room eCourse

OPEN FOR ENROLMENTS Course starts Sunday 24th July, our in depth decorating eCourse goes through each room of the house and how to decorate them in detail.

What is The Decorating School

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve got a house filled with furniture that’s not really ‘you’ – perhaps it’s hand-me-downs, or pieces you purchased to survive the toddler years, or even the stuff you bought during your (long-gone) uni days. It’s got you feeling stuck, and you’re ready to consciously create an interior style that actually reflects you and your family now (and that will grow and evolve with you in the future).
You’re always watching ‘The Block’ and other renovation shows, or flicking through glossy magazines, and wishing that you could make your own house feel as nice as theirs do, yet you have no idea where to start or how to do it (especially if there’s no production company footing the bill!)
You’re passionate about interiors, and have tried to make changes in your home, but…you panic when it comes time to purchasing – Is this couch really right for my lounge room? Is Lexicon Quarter really the right choice for my kitchen? And how on earth do I choose a rug? You’ve often wished you had someone who knew their stuff who could tell you if you’re on the right track and make you feel confident about your decisions.

Wherever you’re at, one thing’s for sure

You know the power that our spaces have on our lives. You feel a connection with your living environment. And you want to create a space that truly reflects the essence of you and your family and that supports the lifestyle you want to lead.

That's where The Decorating School comes in...

This 6-week eCourse will show you how to unlock your home’s potential and create spaces that not only look gorgeous (and feel amazing) but that you’re genuinely proud of. It’s all about helping you identify your own sense of style – whether that’s retro or rustic, modern or minimalist, or anything in between – then showing you step-by-step how to develop that style and translate it into your rooms and spaces. No matter your budget, your taste, your layout, or your specific constraints, we’ll show you how to bring your vision to life and take your spaces from meh to amazing.
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It’s time to stop feeling ashamed of your surroundings, and start consciously creating the home of your dreams

This course will help you leave behind the lacklustre spaces, the clutter, and the out-dated furniture that doesn’t truly reflect you, and consciously craft an environment which supports you and helps you live as the person you want to be.

Your aligned, authentic, gorgeously decorated home starts here.

Hands up if you’re tired of…


Second guessing yourself every time you go to buy a big-ticket item (and never actually getting anywhere)


Living in cluttered, unfocused spaces that drain you


Second guessing yourself every time you go to buy a big-ticket item (and never actually getting anywhere)


Not understanding why some of your rooms just don’t work, no matter what you do


Having rooms that you and your family don’t really like being in


Feeling completely overwhelmed by where to even start improving your home…


Asking everyone who steps foot in your house for their opinion on your décor, and getting ever more confused in the process


Lacking confidence in your design decisions

If that sounds like you, we hear you.

We get it.

And we’re here to help!


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